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Windows Server Bare Metal Backup with Acronis True Image 2019

Windows Server Bare Metal Backup with Acronis True Image 2019

In recent months; Acronis have released their latest version of their staple product Acronis True Image 2019. With this we thought it’d be a good time to go through the process of creating a Windows Server bare metal backup with this new release.

Acronis True Image is a great option to achieve Windows Server Bare Metal Backup!

What is a bare metal backup?

A bare metal backup is the term given to a backup that can be used in a bare metal restore situation. The backup essentially allows for a recovery directly to the hardware; not the operating system – meaning there is no need for any software to be present to complete the recovery.

The major benefit of a bare metal backup is that if a server ever becomes unavailable or crashes; the recovery process allows you to restore the server (and data) back to exactly as it was at the time of backup.

Without this; the restore process takes two steps which can dramatically increase the amount of time it takes to get back to normal operation. Those two steps are:

  1. Rebuild the operating system from the ground up.

  2. Restore all the necessary data back onto the newly built operating system.

Configuring a backup job

1. When you first open the Acronis user interface you’ll be asked which machine you wish to back up (with the local machine being the default) and to select a backup destination.

Be sure to select if you want to encrypt your backup or not. Another option is to also create an Acronis Survival Kit – which essentially makes your backup drive bootable into their recovery environment.

Windows Server bare metal backup with Acronis

2. We then want to go to ‘Options’ to finish configuring the finer points of our backup:

  1. Backup schedule

  2. Backup scheme

  3. E-mail notifications of backup results

  4. File exclusions

  5. Advanced Settings

3. Once you’ve completed this; you’re given an option to immediately run a backup. We tend to recommend doing this so that you’re protected straight away.

Rather save yourself some time?

Windows Server bare metal backup are better configured by someone with experience and know how. Having partnered with Acronis; Test My Backups is your local go to company when it comes to backup and restore, disaster recovery and backup testing.

With many Managed Service Providers allocating over 10 hours per week just on monitoring and maintaining backups; we can free up this time.

Talk to one of our team members today; and find out how we’ll be able to work with you to achieve a backup strategy that meets your needs.

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