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Windows Server Backup – Running a quick backup

Windows Server Backup – Running a quick backup

Sometimes you just need to get something done. If you’re like me; you’re forever creating (and breaking) testing machines with Windows. Each time I do so; I just think to myself ‘why didn’t I just take a backup of it last time?’ That’s where Windows Server Backup comes in.

It’s no secret; performing a bare metal recovery is much faster than a full re-install of Windows each time. There is also the time factor; having to wait for a backup solution install (and most likely require a re-boot before it’ll work).

There is another answer. Microsoft provide basic, in-built backup functionality called Windows Server Backup within any Windows OS since 2008. While it’s not an all-encompassing solution (which many in the IT industry are quick to point out…just check any Windows Backup related Spiceworks posts); it does a job.

Just to prove how easy it really is – below is how to run a basic, bare metal backup using Windows Server Backup.

What you’ll need

  1. An external USB hard drive

  2. Fully installed and operational Windows operating system.

  3. User with administrator permissions.

Running a bare metal capable backup through command line with Windows Server Backup

Once you have everything required (as listed above); open an elevated command prompt Window (you know; right click command prompt and choose ‘Run as Administrator’).

Once within command prompt; run the following command:

wbadmin start backup –backuptarget:d: -quiet -allcritical

Just be aware that –backuptarget:E: means the backup will be written to the D: drive. Be sure to use the correct drive letter for the USB drive you’re using to store the backup.

Once you run the command; it’ll run the backup (giving updates in the command prompt Window on what it’s doing as shown below).

Running Windows Server Backup from command line.

When the backup is complete; you’ll have a backup which is capable of a bare metal recovery.

Here at Test My Backups; we do advocate that you run a dedicated backup solution to protect your systems. However; Windows Server Backup will work while you set about finding and configuring a permanent solution.

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