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Why the best Windows backup software may not be the best for YOU!

Why the best Windows backup software may not be the best for YOU!

It’s human nature. We all want the best of everything. Although it may be that what’s regarded as the best isn’t necessarily the best for you. This is especially true when it comes to using the best windows backup software.

Like everyone being an individual; every Windows environment is individual as well. What may be regarded as the best Windows backup software on one system; may be completely inadequate on another Windows system.

The best Windows backup software may not be the right one for YOU!

The best Windows backup software may not be the right one for YOU!

Let’s look into a few of the different things that will determine the best windows backup software for you!

What is being backed up?

This is a fairly important one; mainly because it outlines what functionality you need in your backup solution. Are you backing up a Hyper-V host? Maybe an Exchange server? Perhaps you’re wanting to back up your Office365 mailbox?

By all accounts; they’re all technically Windows environments. However they’re running different applications which require different backup functionality.

That’s why some backup software may be perfect for one, and not the other. Software development companies design their software for a specific purpose. It’s true; they will usually have a suite they offer that will cover different environments. However; they will put their time and effort into their bread and butter.

Altaro have built their software package around backing up virtualised guests; where as Macrium has built their solution to back up physical machines (including Hyper-V hosts). While both solve the same problem in essence; they do so in different ways.

This is why the best Windows backup software for you may not necessarily be the most popular or obvious choice.

Where are you planning on storing your backups?

An age old question we’ve found relates to the backup and restore space; what came first – the chicken or the egg? Put into backup terms; what comes first – backup hardware or backup software?

Do you select the destination you’re planning on using; then find the software that will work with it? Or do you select the backup software and then purchase hardware which the vendor advises works best with their solution?

Now with the variety of different backup media available; as well as the explosion of cloud computing in the last 7 years – backup vendors are selecting to support only select media. CrashPlan and Backblaze focus solely on backing files up to the cloud – so wouldn’t be the best Windows backup software if you were wanting to back up to local hardware only. But they may be the best solution if you’re wanting to back files and folders up to the cloud.

What restoration capabilities do you need?

There are many different types and levels of restoration capabilities. The trick is to whittle down to what is most valuable to your environment. It’s probably the first thing to determine when figuring out your backup strategy. We’ve found out the hard way about this in the past as well. The golden rule to restoration functionality is ‘It’s too late to do anything if it’s not configured before you need it’ in most cases.

Individual files and folder restoration, bare metal recovery, individual database restore. These are three different types of restoration functions that most likely aren’t always covered with a ‘one size fits all’ backup.

This all ties back in to the last two sections. It’s common that a particular backup solution will offer all types of restore functionality – but it has to be configured perfectly for it to work.

Be sure that your Windows backup software is able to restore the way you’re wanting it to before fully implementing it. We can’t say this enough…test, test, test.

Cost and Budget

One of the main factors taken into account by most businesses. This is where the ‘best Windows backup software’ waters can really get a bit murky. As a general rule; Veeam is deemed to be the industry leader in backup and restoration. Such brand recognition helps to bump the overall cost of their solution into thousands of dollars.

While they are an excellent solution; there are other backup solutions on the market that can perform a very similar role without emptying your pockets. While Veeam may be the best Windows backup software available as a general feeling – it’s no good if it’s going to break the budget. That would mean it’s not the best solution for you. However; one of the smaller (but still effective) solutions will be the best Windows backup software for you.

These are just a few points to consider; instead of just jumping right in and grabbing the most popular backup solution available. It may be good for a lot of people; but may not quite be right for your environment.

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