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Why Ransomware is still a threat!

Why Ransomware is still a threat!

It’s a regular occurrence; a business has been hit with ransomware and their data has been fully encrypted! How does this still happen in 2018? Below are possible reasons why ransomware is still a threat to businesses.

Over the last two years, the ransomware business has grown from a billion dollar industry into a multi-billion industry – it’s profitable enough to encourage anyone to try grab their piece of the pie.

Why Ransomware is still a threat in 2018

The reasons why ransomware is still a threat…

Malware code is starting to evolve

As with anything; survival is only achievable with evolution. In 2014; the first iterations of ransomware were only able to attack local files on the system it was running on. Once the IT industry caught up and figured out ways to avoid this; newer strains and families were released that began to infect network shares (allowing it to spread quickly).

The major counter to ransomware became backups, and recovering from them. Eventually backup storage began encrypting the very backups businesses relied upon to recover from the attack without having to make payment for decryption.

The key point here is, IT security is able to catch up however; malware changes it’s angle of attack.

Operating System Patching

The large attacks within 2017 (WannaCry and NotPetya) utilised a similar vulnerability to cause havoc – operating systems which hadn’t been updated with updates and patches properly.

User awareness

One basic thing which can have a large difference is basic user education. Sales, Legal or Accounting may be aware of ransomware – but they’re not across it as much as IT. It’s not their job to know how costly an infection could be to the business as a whole.

This is where basic education of the impact which an infection could have may make users a little more cautious when opening e-mail or clicking on files which they’re not 100% sure about.

Flawed Backup strategy

As mentioned previously; backups are the main weapon against ransomware. However; if they’re not validated (in other words been through recovery tests) then IT could be left in a very fragile position. This does happen more often than we’d care to believe.

The last three reasons are preventable and System Administrators  should be able to avoid these being the reason why ransomware gets it’s hooks into any network.

Test My Backups can help your business…

It’s possible to take the headache of ransomware off you and your staff.  Backups, off-site backups and backups on different backup destinations are a necessity these days. It’s also vital to make sure that the backups are able to be recovered from too.

By purchasing a Managed Backup Service plan from Test My Backups – you will be able to rest easy that your backups are reliable against ransomware!

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