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Why Managed Backup Services are cost effective for SMB

Why Managed Backup Services are cost effective for SMB

As a business owner, when first starting up everything seemed to be rather expensive. All those outgoings and very little coming back in return? Below are some points on why Managed Backup Services are cost effective for SMB.

One of the largest costs for small to medium businesses today is technology. A new desktop, new server and a phone system could cost thousands. Then there is the regular maintenance which goes in to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. This is where Backup as a Service (BaaS) can help alleviate those outgoings just a little bit.

Managed Backup Services are cost effective for SMB; putting more cash in your pocket!

It’s possible to improve your cash flow by using a Managed Backup Provider.

Low upfront costs

Instead of hiring someone, or managing the IT infrastructure yourself – it makes sense to outsource some of the burden (if the price is right). You’d be looking at paying a decent System Administrator around $5000 a month in wages.

By outsourcing; you’ll essentially be leasing the technology requirements and also paying a fraction of the cost for a dedicated professional to manage your backup system and strategies.

Free up time and allow businesses to grow

Unfortunately; there is enough stress going on for a business owner as is. Possibly having stress about a major IT incident is something that could keep a business owner up at night.

Backup as a Service; commonly abbreviated to BaaS – gives businesses the options to outsource the backup and disaster recovery requirements of your business.

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles; it’s easy to get distracted by working on tasks that may not be core to the business service or product. However; in reality this could be holding your business back. If you are dealing with anything outside of your core service/product; it could be holding back productivity.

By outsourcing, you're freeing yourself up to improve your business - which will end up making you more in the long run.

By outsourcing, you’re freeing yourself up to improve your business…which will help the bottom line.

Easily scalable based on the current requirements

Many businesses have an on-peak and off-peak season; meaning that technology requirements can vary to a great degree at different times of year.

This means that the amount of data and disaster recovery strategies will vary a lot as well. The perfect solution is to turn to BaaS and find a Managed Backup Provider who is as flexible as your requirements demand.

Consequently; by being able to move up and down in resources (and cost); it’s possible for you to remove any unnecessary overheads.

To summarise…

If you’re wanting to free up time and money; while not compromising your backup and recovery strategies – put Test My Backups to the task of being your Managed Backup Provider.

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