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What are the most common causes of data loss?

What are the most common causes of data loss?

Surprisingly; data loss can occur performing everyday activities. The way we save, store and transport our data are all common causes of data loss.

We’ve written about some very public data loss examples previously. Below are some of the common causes of data loss in an organisation – regardless of it being SMB, SME or enterprise.

Find out the most common causes of data loss.

Deleting files accidentally

Updating files or deleting them are very common activities and we do them almost every day. If we accidentally delete the wrong files or overwrite the parts we did not intend – then this is classified as data loss.  Unfortunately; it’s become so common that many people just assume this is going to occur and don’t see it as data loss.

We often lose data simply because we do not have the correct procedures and backup strategies implemented. More efficient procedures for saving our work and making backups regularly will definitely save time and increase your productivity.

Hardware and System Problems

This type of data loss incident can appear in many different forms – hard drive failure, loss of power, overheating can all cause technology to become unstable and unusable. This is likely to result in some form of data loss.

Coincidentally; while it’s possible to monitor systems in real time with many solid management systems (such as Kaseya) available on the market – it’s not going to allow you to proactively catch everything.

Viruses and Malware

Computer viruses and malware contribute to performance issues and alter data. Ransomware is the common example of malware which does this. The most common way to combat such incidents is to install and regularly update an Anti-virus solution.

Natural Disasters

This one is the most uncontrollable data loss incident to come across.  To minimise the risk of data loss from an environmental factor; offsite backups could be the answer for your business.

How to combat the common causes of data loss

Test My Backups suggests that the 3-2-1 backup strategy be taken where possible to counter the largest number of potential data loss problems. If you’re needing help with implementing a backup strategy that prevents data loss and is simple for disaster recoverylet us know as we’re always open to a conversation.

Have you experienced any data loss from these examples? Are there others you have seen that we haven’t listed? Leave a comment below and join the conversation. Don’t forget to share on social media!

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