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Warning about Cloud Backup Solutions

Warning about Cloud Backup Solutions

With everything backup related; being able to automate as much as possible is key to being able to manage large data sets effectively. However we’ve recently discovered that some cloud backup solutions can drastically impact your businesses backup data.

Misconfigured cloud backup solutions could corrupt all backup data!


We’ve recently taken over managing a business’s satellite office; as part of our Managed Backup Service offering. When we took over the site; overall their backup situation was in pretty good shape.

They had been following the 3-2-1 backup rule; even using Microsoft Azure as their choice for cloud storage for their offsite backups.

However; there was more to the story…

No one had actually restored from the cloud backups

As part of our philosophy and service; we perform a monthly test recovery of a random backup to ensure its validity. In this particular example; the testing of backups located in the cloud revealed an unexpected surprise.

To make a long story short; the error thrown was that the data no longer existed?!

How was the data not there? All the backups were successful

After some exhaustive investigation into the configuration of the Azure storage; we discovered Microsoft LifeCycle Management enabled on the storage container which was being used to store backups.

What had happened was the lifecycle policy on the backup data was to remove anything that was older than 10 days. With incremental backups occurring; where some of the data is changing and some isn’t. The result meant that the backups were being made incomplete – Without anyone knowing.

Even though Microsoft Azure is named in this particular example; such lifecycle management options are becoming more and more common with different cloud backup solutions.

What is the lesson that was learnt…

Well, there are a couple of lessons taken from such a situation. The first being;

1. Test, test, test your backups

Everything appeared to be running well. On first glance, even we figured everything was all well and good in the world when it came to this businesses backups. Although; there was a major hole within their backup strategy which could’ve brought the entire business down in the right circumstances.

2. Data can change without any warning

Even though the backup was successful at the time it was taken; doesn’t mean something may occur over time that could make the backup invalid. Don’t ever just assume everything is good; just because a report says so.

Need help with your businesses backups

If you’ve got doubts, or just a little unsure about protecting data critical to your business? It’s a good idea to have someone answer your questions and give reassurance.

Contact Test My Backups and see how we can help your business protect your data more efficiently!

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