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Using AWS Storage with CloudBerry

Using AWS Storage with CloudBerry

The following guide is to show how to connect an AWS S3 bucket to the Managed Backup Console (MBS); which will then filter down into CloudBerry Online Backup and allow the AWS storage to be used as a valid backup destination. Make sure you’ve already created your AWS S3 bucket before beginning on this walk-through.

Once the AWS S3 bucket has been created; it needs to be configured and connected into your MBS console. The steps to do this are as follows:

1. Login to your MBS Console. Note: If you don’t have an MBS console login; sign up to have an account created.

2. On the main menu, click Storage then Storage Accounts from the drop down.

3. On the Storage Accounts page; click on Add Account

4. On the Select Cloud Storage popup, select Amazon S3.

Using AWS Storage with CloudBerry

5. Enter the Account Details for the Amazon S3 Storage Account.

Storage Type: Leave as default setting Amazon S3 & Glacier.

Display Name: What the Amazon S3 Storage Account will be named in MBS and CloudBerry Online Backup.

Authentication Type: There are three different options to select from. For more information on each; click the ‘?’ button to the right of the drop down box.

Access Key: This is the Access Key ID in the AWS Management Console.

Secret Key: This is the Secret Access Key in the AWS Management Console.

Once all details are entered, click Save.

Using AWS Storage with CloudBerry

6. Enter the details to Add or Create a new storage bucket.

Display Name The name of the storage within MBS. This is what’s displayed when viewing storage within CloudBerry Online Backup as well.

Create new container If you’ve followed this document through; then select this option and enter the name of the storage container to be created in AWS.

Select Existing Container If there are already buckets available within the AWS account; then they will be displayed here and can be selected.

Use Amazon S3 Transfer Accelerator This will speed up the backup transfer process; however this can also raise the potential overall cost of the Amazon storage.

Once complete; click Save.

7. Assign permissions to the storage account for Online Backup Accounts (users) or companies (groups of users) and click Save.

Your AWS Storage Account is now configured and displayed under the Storage Account page within the MBS console.

Using AWS Storage with CloudBerry

When logged into CloudBerry Online Backup as an Online Backup Account with permissions to the storage; it’ll now be displayed when selecting storage to use when configuring a backup plan.

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