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This operation is not permitted on an archived blob

This operation is not permitted on an archived blob

Recently we’ve been starting to use the Archive storage which Microsoft Azure offers. One of the reasons we’ve done this is because Cloudberry makes it easy to configure right there within the backup plan itself. However; recently we come across an error when using Archive blob storage that we didn’t find a lot of information about online – that error is ‘This operation is not permitted on an archived blob.’

What happens to a blob when this operation is not permitted on an archived blob happens.

Basics about Azure Archive Storage

Typically an archive is storing data that’s no longer necessary for production purposes; but access may still be required for data compliance reasons (we’re looking at you medical, accountant and legal firms).

What Microsoft have done is allow for this data to be stored within an archive data tier rather than the usual hot or cool tiers. The main difference between the access tiers is:

  1. The data isn’t as readily accessible in archive storage.

  2. Archive storage is designed to keep one copy of the data intact and unchanged.

  3. Archive storage a fraction of the cost of hot or cool storage.

How to use Azure Archive Storage in CloudBerry

As we mentioned earlier; Cloudberry make it easy to configure the usage of Azure archive storage within their UI. When creating the backup plan; make sure to configure your Azure container as the destination. Once you’ve done this; keep running through the wizard until you come to Compression and Encryption Options page. At the very bottom of the screen select ‘Use Azure Archive Blob Storage’ (as highlighted below) and move on.

Configuring Cloudberry backup plan to use Azure archive storage.

How to fix ‘This operation is not permitted on an archived blob.’

Going back to earlier in this article; archive storage is for just that – archiving data. This means a single copy that can’t be easily changed as it’ll be required for data compliance purposes.

What we found was the files we were trying to upload into the archive storage had changed from when we’d originally seeded the data. This meant that Cloudberry was trying to overwrite the older file with the newer version – which isn’t permitted on an archive blob.

After searching for quite some time for answers; we tried to delete a few of the files that generated the error through our Azure portal; then re-ran the backup. Viola; the files backed up successfully and were replaced when we checked the Azure portal again.

Alternatively; if you don’t want to delete blobs through your Azure portal then you could also delete backup storage data through Cloudberry as well.

If this has helped you solve ‘This operation is not permitted on an archived blob.’ feel free to share on the social links below – or if you’ve found another resolution we haven’t mentioned leave it in the comments to help others out in future!

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