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The top 4 reasons why Cloud Backup isn’t enough to protect your business

The top 4 reasons why Cloud Backup isn’t enough to protect your business

It’s always good to have a Plan B with anything in life. Data protection isn’t any different. Placing your faith completely in cloud backup to cover you from major data loss; and having a single point of failure is just asking for trouble.

Below are the four largest barriers against solely relying on cloud backup.

Relying on just a single cloud backup location is bad for business!

Relying on just a single cloud backup location is bad for business!

1. Redundancy

A backup isn’t any use if it’s not able to be recovered from. As is the case with just relying on local backups – a single incident could wipe out your ability to recover completely. With all the ransomware attacks that have been going around; local backups have the potential to be wiped out with one unfortunate incident.

A similar type incident to your cloud storage; and you’re vulnerable to any and every type of disaster you can think of!

2. Reliability

Just like any business – it’s no guarantee that the online storage provider of choice will be around tomorrow.  What would happen if your cloud storage was suddenly unavailable – and no sure way to know you’ll be able to get your data back?

If the backups are required in the future; then it’s unlikely anyone would be able to access them.

3. Accessibility

The cloud has many benefits around accessibility. However that’s only if you’ve got access to the internet. While the chances of no Internet access is slim in today’s world – it’s not entirely impossible.

On the other side of the coin; it’s also highly possible that the amount of data required to pull down from the cloud backup is terabytes in size. This means that it could be a long time just waiting for the data to download. Downtime to a business is costly; and the best way to reduce downtime is to have an onsite backup available at all times.

4. Data Compliance

Businesses working in highly regulated industries (such as legal and medical practices); the fines for incorrect data practices have the potential to send a business broke.

Would you be comfortable with a third party online storage provider controlling your only data protection source? The risks aren’t worth it.

It’s a simple fix for any business

You’ve heard about us referencing the 3-2-1 backup strategy (and more so lately). However; following these rules and realising that offsite backups (be it in the cloud or physically stored somewhere) are great as part of an overall plan is the way to go.

If you require assistance with anything backup related; Test My Backups can help. We’ll even go as far to perform regular recoveries of your data – just to give you peace of mind!

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