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The difference between cloud backup services and cloud storage services

The difference between cloud backup services and cloud storage services

One common misunderstanding which can come along with cloud computing is the actual difference between cloud storage services and cloud backup services. There is a very thin line between the two, and could be easily interchangeable. However; the two are very different when looked into at a deeper level.

Cloud backup services and cloud storage services are quite different!

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is space to store files, apps and other data over the Internet. DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive are all examples of a cloud storage service providers. They allow multiple devices and users access them for easy collaboration of synced files. This means that a user needs to tell the solution to sync every time. That is the design principle behind them.

However; one important factor is that the overall storage quota is relatively small with cloud storage services. The capacity that these providers allows for is generally not fit for purpose when it comes to an effective disaster recovery solution.

There is also a major flaw which can contribute to data loss becoming permanent; not ideal for a disaster situation. Generally files which are stored in cloud storage are mirrored across multiple devices – meaning there isn’t multiple versions kept. It’s not uncommon for someone to have multiple devices and computers connected to the one storage service either.

What happens if there is ransomware or data corruption? This will sync across smartphones, tablets and PC’s. All devices will have access to the one corrupt copy of the data.

While attempting to do the right thing; the end solution would still result in irreversible data loss.

What’s are cloud backup services?

Cloud backup is usually initiated by dedicated backup solutions, such as Veeam or StorageCraft. Automated backup scheduling, multiple times a day is basic functionality within a cloud backup service. Also only the changed bits within a file are uploaded (making it more efficient on bandwidth and online storage quotas). Another large difference between cloud backup services and cloud storage services is that cloud backup has the ability to keep multiple copies of files (versioning).

Cloud backup services also have a great ability to make rather complex restoration and recovery techniques simple. Capable of dealing with large amounts of data (terabytes and petabytes); generally to dissimilar hardware and into virtual environments as well.

In most situations; particular problems have a designed solution specifically. One solution (cloud storage) is for consumer level users; where as cloud backup services meet the data backup and recovery environments of small business, all the way up to large enterprises.

Ultimately; select the right solution for the problem

Obviously; cost between a cloud storage provider and a cloud backup provider is going to be vastly different. Although don’t let this fool you. How much is your data actually worth to your business? A cloud storage services may cost less on the surface; it may not actually meet the needs or requirements of a disaster recovery plan.

In the event that there is actually a data loss scenario occur – it’s possible to lose the data forever. The result could end up costing the business a larger amount; and put it in jeopardy of potential closure due to the data loss and IT outage.

If you’re unsure of what to choose as the ideal cloud solution for your business; let Test My Backups know as we’ll be able to help guide, or fully implement the right solution for your situation.

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