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The Costs of Free Data Recovery

The Costs of Free Data Recovery

Today we’re going to speak about a common scenario which we come across often. When entering a potential client for the first time; we come across a mismatch of poor backup strategy, capped off with the use of free data recovery software.

We totally understand this though. When we first began our journey; there were many challenges which needed to be resolved quickly – and the choice wasn’t always the correct one.

If you’ve ever gone through the nerve wracking experience of data loss; even if the data was recovered successfully in the end – you know where we’re coming from. Data backup and recovery isn’t an optional extra in business and the DIY and cheapest solutions may not be the best decision in the long run.

Below are some areas of thought before deciding to cut costs on your business backup strategy.

Free Data Recovery could end up costing you more in the long run!

Free Data Recovery options could end up costing you more in the long run!

How much is your data worth?

Data is very valuable to any business – why do the likes of Google and Facebook spend millions per year on accumulating it if it wasn’t?

Client databases, accounting records and training documentation – they’ve all taken time and money to gather and develop.  If your data is worth more than $200 a month to your business; then it’s worth taking serious consideration in a professional data recovery solution.

When (not ‘if’) disaster strikes; you’ll end up saving more using a fully trained professional rather than trying to save a few dollars here and there at the front end.

Cheap or Free Data Recovery Solution Flaws


Free or cheap software usually has another purpose in a number of instances. How businesses do this is to try and keep costs down or move a lot of product to make a profit.

Some issues that occur when it comes to software in this way is:

  1. Specific Backup Recovery scenarios. Solutions like BackBlaze backup files and folders to the cloud at a relatively small cost. This is only a part of a comprehensive backup strategy.

  2. Technical support may be only for limited hours or days. If this is right and you’re performing a DIY recovery; this could make things worse as performing the incorrect steps could increase downtime, or worse do permanent damage to hardware which will ultimately need to be replaced.

  3. Unreliable reporting or inaccurate results. Missing vital data in backups, incorrect recovery reports means more maintenance.

Test My Backups know Data Recovery

Our team are professionals in data protection and recovering business data. We’ve had many years of experience; with a variety of backup solutions. We’ll be able to make an assessment of your business backup requirements, build and manage a customised backup strategy.

Don’t be a data recovery DIY warrior; contact our team directly or leave a comment below to let us know what you’re data requirements are!

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