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Test My Backups Provides Melbourne Managed Backup Services

Test My Backups Provides Melbourne Managed Backup Services

If you own a business or worked in the IT industry for any amount of time; it’s likely you’ve had to deal with data backup and possibly even recovery. Regardless of you being a business owner; or an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) – Test My Backups is able to offer assistance in the Melbourne Managed Backup Services space.

There is only one stop for Melbourne Managed Backup Services - Test My Backups.

There is only one stop for Melbourne Managed Backup Services – Test My Backups.

What Makes Test My Backups Managed Backup Services Ideal

Our founding partners have worked exclusively in the backup and recovery space for over 20 years combined. This includes working for backup software vendors; witnessing the best (and unfortunately; worst) practices which other IT providers offer.

All this means we’re well placed to provide Melbourne Managed Backup Services. Utilising a range of different backup solutions such as Altaro, StorageCraft and Barracuda.

While some other MSP’s are focused on running the day to day infrastructure for your business; we’re just a little bit different. We are an IT provider specifically focused on data protection.

Managed Backup is our primary focus – and a long with providing backup; we also provide regular backup recovery testing as part of all our plans. We’ve worked with many IT providers in the past that felt that as long as the backup is working; then the restore and recovery process will take care of itself. Unfortunately; this isn’t how it works with recovery of data.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that any backups that you could potentially rely on actually can be restored from?

How else can Test My Backups help businesses?

We also provide other data protection services to businesses as well. These include:

Business Continuity: If business grinds to a halt during any service outage; then talk to us about how Business Continuity Planning can help build some resilience into your business.

Emergency Disaster Recovery Support: Services are down and that backup won’t recover? We may be able to help. We provide a 24/7 emergency service to provide support to businesses currently in the middle of an IT crisis.

Put us to the test…

We’re more than confident in our abilities in the backup and recovery space. So much so; we offer a free audit of your current backup strategy. There is no continued obligation if you choose.

There is a lot of backup and recovery knowledge within our business. Our main focus is to try best protect businesses from the consequences that an IT outage can bring.

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