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Test My Backups Partnership for MSP’s and VAR’s

Test My Backups partnership program for MSP’s and VAR’s

Here at Test My Backups; we offer our backup services to our fellow IT companies – particularly Value Added Resellers (VAR) and Managed Service Providers (MSP).  This is why we developed the Test My Backups Partnership program.

We’re all about ensuring that all businesses (and their data) are properly prepared to face any data loss or disaster recovery situation. We also know about the stress that goes along with being an IT provider and finding a customer’s site is down.

Test My Backups partnership program for MSP’s and VAR’s

The benefits of partnering with Test My Backups

A Test My Backup partnership provides many benefits to IT companies. These include:

Time Saving

We’ve worked in the IT space for a number of years. The challenges around finding the time to handle support tickets, make onsite visits and run a business effectively. Speaking with some VAR’s and MSP’s that provide backup services to their clients; they can spend anywhere between 10 to 20 hours a week just monitoring and managing backups alone.

This doesn’t even include performing regular recoveries of their client data to ensure its integrity in the event of a data loss scenario.

By partnering with our team; we’ll take the monitoring and management of all your customer backups off your hands. This includes monthly backup recovery testing to ensure that they’re performing as optimally as possible.

Reduced Overall Workload

Backup and restore services are a fairly common offering for IT companies. It’s part of a wider scope of products and services offered. Many which include:

  1. Network maintenance

  2. Cloud hosting services

  3. Consultation

  4. E-mail hosting

  5. Phone and communication systems

With all this coming under the one company’s responsibility – it can be understandable that certain things slide. In a lot of instances; we’ve found that backup and restore can be one of the things that’s left on the outer (even though we all know its importance).

This is where Test My Backups fits in for channel partners. We focus solely on data protection, backup and restore services. This means our focus is narrowed and that your client’s data gets 100% of our attention at all times.

Striking backup and restore services off the list can help you provide a better overall experiences with other products and ongoing services you provide.

Discounts on all services

We also offer exclusive discounts on our usual services for the partner channel. This discount also increases with the more clients and sites that we manage for a particular MSP or VAR.

This means that your overall margins will also increase – helping to boost the bottom line!

How to become a partner

It’s a fairly simple process to connect and undertake a Test My Backups partnership. Just fill in the form at the bottom of our Partners page. We’ll then get in touch to see how our companies can help each other to provide a better overall service for our mutual clients.

How often do you get an offer to save up to 80 hours a month, while increasing profits? Get involved now by letting us know you wish to partner with us.

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