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Signs implementing cloud backup for business is the right choice

Signs implementing cloud backup for business is the right choice

Cloud is the major technological advancement in the backup space over the last 5 to 10 years. It’s always available; accessible from anywhere and can rapidly hand access to anything needed within seconds. In this article we outline some key signposts that point toward cloud backup for business data being the right move.

Cloud backup for business - is your business ready?

Cloud backup for business – is your business ready?

Just like everything with a bit of buzz around it – is it worth using? Well the cloud industry is worth billions of dollars; so it must be worth using to some (or more likely ‘many’ in this case). However there are determining factors that could impact cloud backup for business and make it a hindrance; rather than a benefit.

Internet Speed support

The factor that’s the most central to any cloud backup for business is the bandwidth and transfer speeds of the available internet connection. Many Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) have varying degrees of plans; suited for specific purposes. Cloud backups for business work best with high bandwidth (such as a fibre optic connection) with unlimited data allocations. However; these are also the most expensive Internet plans as well.

This allows for small time frames that result in large amounts of data transfer. Meaning that it’s feasible to transfer terabytes of data; such as entire image or volume based backups.

Although; this doesn’t mean that businesses with capped or slower Internet connections can’t utilise the cloud effectively. Other factors would then need to be looked into during the implementation. Reducing the impact of the first transfer by seeding the backup to begin with. This will reduce the amount of data used and allow for only the changes in the data set to be sent across the metered connection.

Your looking for ways to automate processes

Common best practice for backup and recovery techniques tell us that it’s more than a good idea to have a backup offsite at all times. This usually meant that the System Administrator, business owner or even the receptionist needed to manually swap out tapes or hard drives. They’d also need to take them home where the businesses backups may not be as secure as they typically should.

With the cloud, you can automate a backup job to run directly offsite. The location of the destination data center is even an option with most cloud vendors. This means no reliance on staff to remember to take the backup drives home (and bring them in when needed). Also; most online storage providers utilise the highest standards of security and encryption – meaning that your data is safe from potential unauthorised access.

Ease of recovery testing

It’s a common scenario which we hear about. Businesses put backup testing out of their mind because of similar reasons all the time:

  1. The time it takes

  2. Under resourced and no environments to run the tests on

  3. Other more important tasks take priority

The beauty of cloud backup and cloud storage is that the environments are right there. Many of the backup vendors that deal with the cloud as one of their primary destinations include simple; inbuilt restoration and recovery options.

Not testing the businesses backups for their ability to be used in a restore situation. There’s no longer has an excuse available!

Hardware upgrades are becoming more and more regular

Constantly finding that your backup drives are running out of space? Cloud has the major benefit of being easy to scale. This is a benefit for businesses looking to sending their backups to the cloud. The reason for this is that if your data requirements increase; it’s just a matter of logging into a portal and increasing the storage limits – or if your cloud storage provider is clever; automatically increase the storage limit and add the additional charges onto the month bill.

As a result; no more having to change perfectly good hardware as it’s no longer fitting the purpose. Making spending more efficient in the long run.

Wanting someone to manage cloud backup for business?

If everything checks out on the list, and you’re unsure where to go from here – let the Test My Backup’s team help. Our team has experience with all the major cloud providers; and know how to best implement a cloud backup for your business. We’ll even test your cloud backups for you on a monthly basis!

We’re always happy to have a chat about anything backup and recovery – so get in touch now even if it’s just to get answers to your questions!

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