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Seeding data to Azure for Australia & New Zealand

Seeding data to Azure for Australia & New Zealand

Following on from our recent article on seeding data to the cloud; we thought we’d go into more specific details around the Australian and New Zealand region for the major cloud providers who offer cloud seeding services. In this article we’re covering seeding data to Azure.

seeding data to azure

Azure Import\Export Service

Region Availability

While the Azure Import\Export service is a great feature; it’s not available in all their data centre locations. When it comes to Microsoft’s data centers in Australia and New Zealand; only Australia East and Australia Southeast regions are supported by the Azure Import\Export Service.


Microsoft charge a Device Handling Fee which is approximately AUD$110 per drive.

Supported Hard Drives & Limitations

Microsoft support both Solid-state drives (SSD) and Hard Disk Drives (HDD); although Microsoft don’t ship or provide any hardware to the user unlike some other Cloud Storage Providers.

Some important points to take note of when it comes to the physical drives:

  1. All drives shipped require a SATA connection. USB drives are currently not supported.

  2. All drives need to contain one NTFS formatted volume and encrypted using BitLocker Encryption.

  3. Only a maximum of 10 drives can be associated with one Azure Import Job. If you have more than 10 disks to ship; just create additional Azure Import Jobs as required.

  4. Since you’re required to use your own physical hard drives during this process; you can have these returned once the data has been placed within your Azure Blob Storage. Microsoft do allow for this; however they require that you use a DHL account when shipping in Australia and New Zealand.

Creating an Azure Import Job

Microsoft have provided step by step instructions on preparing hard drives and an Import Job within the Azure Portal on the following document:

Use the Azure Import/Export service to import data to Azure Blob Storage

About Test My Backups

Test My Backups is a data protection and software solutions company; known for being the sole distributor of CloudBerry Online Backup within Australia and New Zealand. CloudBerry is fully integrated with Microsoft Azure; including the Import/Export service mentioned through this article. For a full rundown on data seeting to the cloud; we’ve provided our guide for free. Alternatively our support team are experts when it comes to with CloudBerry with Azure; meaning that they’ll be able to answer any more questions you may have.

Did this article clear up a few things around seeding data to Azure specifically for Australia and New Zealand? Is there another cloud storage provider you’d like us to focus on? Let us know in the comments below.

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