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Recovery Testing Service – How Test My Backups can help you!

Recovery Testing Service – How Test My Backups can help you!

When it comes to backup and recovery; around 90% of focus is on the backup side of things. To help small to medium businesses (SMB) it seemed like an excellent idea to provide a recovery testing service that’s affordable to all.

It’s similar to paying insurance premiums; you perform backups in case something happens that cause’s data loss. Not unlike insurance claims; it’s never straight forward performing a successful data recovery.

What’s the story behind providing a Recovery Testing Service?

Over a number of years consulting small to medium businesses, and also working for backup vendors, we discovered a theme. The worst tickets to deal with were System Administrators and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) in the middle of live data loss or disaster recovery scenarios.

The panic and stress that’s evident from the user after the recovery process failed, or worse – unsure of even where to start; adds extra pressure on the technical support team.

In all cases the extra stress on everyone was preventable. Surely there’s a better way!

Incorporating a recovery testing service takes the stress off your technicians and your vendors help desk as well.

Reasons why IT departments and Managed Service Providers don’t perform regular test recoveries?

As mentioned above all the extra stress and anxiety that comes with recovery failure is preventable. The answer is to find out about any of the potential issues that may arise before being in a live disaster recovery scenario.

The way to do this is to perform regular test recoveries of data from real backups. We all know it’s important – however; when asked if a test recovery had been performed before the data loss; the majority said no with reasoning around:

  1. It takes too much time.

  2. There isn’t a test lab available to do one.

  3. You guys are the experts and you’ll do it for me.

Test My Backups provides a recovery testing service to remove the barriers

Referring back to the three points in the section above; Test My Backups have an answer for each.

  1. We’ve got the time to perform a variety of recoveries using your businesses live backups.

  2. A comprehensive lab is available as well as a highly secured cloud environment. There isn’t a scenario not covered.

  3. We are the backup and recovery experts and have comprehensive knowledge.

Choose one of our highly competitive recovery testing service plans and let us remove the barriers completely!

A recovery testing plan will break down your backup and recovery barriers quickly.

Reduce your stress level in a data recovery situation – get a recovery testing service working for you.

Are you ready to have your first backup put through a recovery scenario? You can place an order and we will get started right away. Still have some questions about how Test My Backups can help your business? Feel free to contact us with an obligation free enquiry. Consequently; other blog posts we’ve written contain more information on the importance of testing your backups.

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