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Ransomware Recovery Service

Ransomware Recovery Service

As they say in the medical profession – prevention is the best cure. This is the same about computer viruses and malware (let’s face it; malware and viruses are diseases for computers and mobile devices). One particular type of malware – ransomware; encrypts your data and then requests payment to decrypt the files. Now the best way to avoid placing your business in a situation where payment’s required to gain access back to your data is by taking out a ransomware recovery service.

Ransomware Recovery Service is a must have for all businesses!

How can your business become infected by ransomware?

There are a number of ways in which a computer (and network) can become infected by ransomware. Let’s go through a few of the common ones below:

1.      E-mail links and attachments

One of the most common ways into a company is through e-mail. With e-mail addresses published all over the web for companies; it’s easy to send malicious files or links. While it’s a common technique to teach users not to open e-mails from unknown or untrusted e-mail addresses or any attachment they’re not expecting – it still happens which makes your business network susceptible to ransomware.

2.      Vulnerabilities within software

It’s one of the most infuriating things to users – a popup saying that your machine needs to restart to apply updates to various software (including operating system, internet browsers and software packages they use daily to perform their job). More often than not; the postpone button’s pushed instead of allowing the updates finish installing. The thing is; these updates are usually fixing vulnerabilities that ransomware may use to infiltrate your businesses network.

while it's a pain, updates help protect you from ransomware attack

3.      Messaging Software

A number of businesses use messaging applications for quick communication among staff. A couple of examples of these include Skype and Slack. The basis of all these types of services require a user account that is then added to channels or has a contact list of people they know. Unfortunately these user accounts can either be hacked, or fake accounts impersonating people you know are a known way for spreading links and files that contain ransomware.

4.      Running untrusted software

Files downloaded off the internet are a higher risk in containing malicious data. You have no idea who create; had contact with the file or their overall intentions. This is why it’s important to download files from reputable source; such as the software vendors direct website if it’s a software package.

5.      Visiting websites known to host files that could contain ransomware

Some websites are notorious for hosting files that are infected with viruses and malware. Downloading the latest TV shows or movies from torrent sites, or downloading ‘cracked’ versions of software to avoid having to pay for a license are great ways to have a ransomware outbreak occur on your network. Just because it hasn’t happened to you yet; means it’s only a matter of time before it does happen.

Protecting your business from ransomware

The best way to protect anything is to have a plan. It’s vital to have a comprehensive backup strategy and plan documented in the event of any infrastructure or IT failure (which a ransomware attack is). There are many ways to best protect your business from the threat of ransomware; some of these include the following:

– Installing a reputable Anti-virus and Firewall solution on all business devices. – Running regular updates to all software and physical devices within your network. – Documenting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. – Running regular backups of all critical data and systems that your business uses.

These points are all considered when implementing a ransomware recovery service plan for your business.

How to recover ransomware encrypted files?

No matter how much protection and prevention methods are put in place – they’re never 100% guaranteed to stop all ransomware threats. In the event that your business does find vital data has been encrypted due to ransomware – the best way is to roll back to a point where the ransomware wasn’t impacting the data.

The best way to do this is by recovering from a backup which has been air gapped. To properly cover your business; our team suggests that you perform a full bare metal recovery of the system – or if it’s a NAS device that contains the encrypted files; resetting it back to factory defaults. The main reason for this is so that there isn’t any potential chance of the ransomware being able to lay dormant and then begin encrypting the files again after you’ve recovered.

Added Benefits of a Ransomware Recovery Service

One of the added benefits of a ransomware recovery service is not necessarily directly related to ransomware and it’s potential impact on a business. More and more it’s become vital for a business to take out cyber insurance. As with any type of insurance; there are factors and variables that go into determining the overall policy cost.

One of these factors is how well prepared your business is for a ransomware incident can have a major impact on the overall cost of your policy (and can even determine if you’ll even be able to take out the policy in the first place).

In addition to saving your business money by the way of lower insurance premiums; being able to combat and overcome a ransomware attack also helps reduce the overall ransomware market. By not paying the ransom to gain access to your data again; this means that the black hat hackers behind the malware don’t get as much financial gain. If there is no financial gain; then they’ll cease creating ransomware scripts and then this will stop the whole ransomware industry entirely.

Test My Backups can help with ransomware prevention techniques

While all this may be a lot to take in if you’re just coming across ransomware for the first time; our team has been figuring out ways to combat ransomware since it first started appearing in 2013. This is why we believe our ransomware recovery service will be able to help your business recover should it ever encounter a ransomware attack.

Don’t delay contacting us. It’s easier to recover from a ransomware attack before it happens!

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