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Questions your boss will ask about Windows Backup Software

Questions your boss will ask about Windows Backup Software

If you’ve held any sort of IT role that’s dealing with production servers; chances are you’ve dealt with backups. You may even have a favorite Windows backup software package you take with you to every company you work for.

If that’s the case; then no doubt you’ve had to sell the product to someone on why it should replace what is currently being used. If not; then below are some of the questions which may need to think about before meeting up about changing Windows backup software.

There are many questions you may get asked when it comes to Windows Backup Software

1. What’s this going to cost the business?

Depending on the size of the business; this is usually the number one question. Even more so if it’s a small business that may have limited funds at its disposal. What is really meant by the question is how the licensing works. Is it a once off payment, a subscription based payment scheme (monthly, yearly).

Also take into account any existing plans or subscriptions for windows backup software when answering. In the end; you may figure you just need to bid your time and wait for these to expire before pushing your favorite solution!

2. Can anyone use it? (Ease of use).

What’s meant by this is that the solution won’t require a master’s degree to figure out. If something happens to you where you’re not available; will someone be able to go into the windows backup software solution and work out how to use it without too much trouble?

Just like proprietary software locks you into using their solution; don’t lock your company’s recovery plan to being locked into one specific employee to be successful.

3. How long will it take to get our data back? (Restore and Recovery times).

This is a fairly open ended question. Kind of like ‘how long is a piece of string?’ There are many variables that come into play. How large the data set is you’re restoring, network speeds, backup location and storage type are just a few.

However; making sure that the backup solution is implemented as part of an overall backup strategy will ensure the fastest recovery times; with the best coverage available.

4. Is it just Windows backup software? (Solution versatility).

When it comes to backing up Windows; the majority of the time it’s referring to servers. However; a lot of different backup vendors offer a variety of products which address different segments of the IT market. This can include desktops and laptops; to smartphones and tablets.

In today’s business environment; it’s not just feasible to back up a production server and claim that the business is protected. More and more for businesses are on the move; meaning more mobile devices require protection. You need to make sure that any backup solution that’s implemented can account for all these different types of devices and data.

5. What is technical support and customer service like?

There is nothing worse than a bad customer experience – no matter what it’s about. Backup and restore is a pretty critical part of any business. A backup vendor should also show this seriousness. Look for benefits such as contact methods (e-mail, phone, in-product chat services). Is 24/7 support available (and does it cost extra to gain access to it)?

It’s also worth investigating the on-boarding process the backup vendor offers. Do they offer free demos or one on one consulting to configure your backups?

With so many windows backup software solutions available on the market; there is an abundance of choice so it’s in their best interest to go above and beyond to close out the sale.

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