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Physical to Virtual Disaster Recovery How To

physical to virtual disaster recovery

Physical to virtual can be a simple task that is an efficient way to recover your data in a disaster recovery situation. This concept uses tools already present in your virtual environment normally used for P2V conversions (we outline the benefits of P2V here).

Essentially, you’d execute a regular P2V conversion on systems which are down and unavailable.

Basic steps for performing physical to virtual recovery

Regardless of the virtualization solution you’re running; below are the basic steps to achieve a physical to virtual conversion. Note: A user will need a bare metal capable backup to perform the steps. If you’re unsure if your backup is bare metal ready – check with your backup vendor.

  1. Create a new virtual machine on your host machine.

  2. Attach your backup to the host machine.

  3. Boot your newly created virtual machine into your recovery boot media.

  4. Perform a bare metal recovery of the system.

Once you’ve done this you should be able to boot your virtual machine – you’ll find your once physical machine is now running in your virtual environment!

A technician can also perform a physical to virtual conversion before any disaster recovery situation as well. The major players in the virtualization space provide tools which automates the task as well.

Physical to Virtual Conversion through Hyper-V

Microsoft outline how to use their Hyper-V disk2vhd conversion tool at https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/blainbar/2014/09/09/step-by-step-migrating-physical-servers-to-virtual-machines-blain-barton/.

Physical to Virtual Conversion through VMWare

VMWare vCenter Converter is documented at https://www.vmware.com/au/products/converter.html.

Lastly; it’s also good to make sure you can roll back as well. the disaster has passed, you will be left with a second server which may not be required. As a result, a physical to virtual disaster recovery plan should include steps that enable you to roll back to normal operation as well.

You can always contact TestMyBackups for more information if you require it.

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