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Offsite Backups – Choosing cloud storage providers

Offsite Backups – Choosing cloud storage providers

Choice is a privilege. Choice is in excess when trying to figure out the best cloud storage provider for offsite backups. There are all small variations in each which may make all the difference when making that all important final decision. Choosing cloud storage providers is a major challenge!

From the top end of town – Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure all the way to co-sharing data centers which service their local geographical area.

Regardless of wanting some space to store basic files and folders, all the way through to a DRaaS type system to allow for instant on should a disaster hit your business – there are a few things that you can evaluate to cull your list down to the ideal cloud vendor.

There are many storage providers wanting you to use their cloud. Choosing cloud storage providers is the challenge!

Customer Service

A major differentiator when purchasing any product or service is how responsive the provider is to any issues you face. If all things are equal then you’ll always choose the vendor that goes a little bit extra for you.

Things such as 24 hour phone support, or short to no hold times can greatly increase the overall service experience.

Take the on-boarding process to evaluate the service level provided – if a vendor is slow with responses, or you’re waiting for an eternity on the phone for them during the pre-sales phase; chances are it’ll only get worse when you’re a fully fledged customer!

Customer service is a big factor when choosing cloud service providers.

Customer service is a big factor when choosing cloud service providers.

Focus and Specialties

Not all clouds are created equal. Their specific design and purpose will definitely determine the overall performance. Some are focused on storing and hosting virtual machines; while others are great for storing personal files and folders (such as all those precious family photos).

If you’re looking for backup and recovery specifically, the main focus would be choosing cloud storage providers that provide a focus on instant failover or a solution that’s built specifically for business continuity and disaster recovery.

This could be very important in the grand scheme of things when choosing cloud storage providers for your offsite backups.

Data Security

Backups could contain some highly sensitive data. The storage of this could be part of compliance (medial records being a popular example); or just the client database for the entire business. Regardless it’s likely that a main requirement would be limiting access to a select group of users, people.

Do you know if the data encrypted when it’s ‘at rest’? What other security features offered? Two-factor authentication, user based permissions are becoming standard offerings.

Knowing the level of security on your data will be a major differentiating factor in choosing cloud storage providers.


Find out a bit about your potential storage provider. Ask their current (and previous) clients about experiences. Read as many online reviews as you can and ask for feedback on online IT forums. The more you find out at the early stages; it’ll give more clarity on the best vendor to match your needs and requirements.

It’s likely you’ll find more out about the big players in the cloud storage market – however this doesn’t mean that they’re your perfect match. Just remember; no matter how large a company is – they’re not immune to problems and outages.

Test My Backups have done the hard yards choosing cloud storage providers

We’ve been there and done that when it comes to choosing cloud storage providers. We’ve also built many great relationships with our chosen vendors for our client’s offsite backups. Save time, money and resources by having our team develop a comprehensive backup strategy for your business.

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