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Managed Backup Service Console – Getting Started

Getting Started with the Managed Backup Service Console

The following guide is to help users that aren’t familiar with the Managed Backup Service Console configure it and get the CloudBerry Online Backup 15 day trial started with as little fuss as possible. Once your Managed Backup Service (MBS) console account has been created; an e-mail from contact@cloudberrylab.com will be sent to the e-mail address provided when requesting the account from the Test My Backups site.

This guide will cover:

  1. Logging into the Managed Backup Services console.

  2. Configuring the free 2GB storage provided for testing purposes.

  3. Downloading the right CloudBerry Online Backup version for your environment.

This article is able to be downloaded in full here.

Accessing the MBS Console

1. Open any web browser and go to https://mspbackups.com.

2. Enter the E-mail Address and Password provided in the e-mail received and then click Login.

Managed Backup Service Console Login Screen

You’ll be asked if you wish to configure Two Factor Authentication. This can be configured at any time so click Skip to enter the MBS console.

When logging in for the first time; the MBS will pop up a small ‘Getting started’ wizard indicating:

  1. That your account has been allocated 2GB free storage to use during the 15 day trial period.

  1. The operating system you logged into has been detected and the installation file for that environment has been created automatically.

Managed Backup Service Console

Configuring Online Storage

It’s suggested while just getting started to make use of the 2GB of free storage to get started. To check that it’s assigned correctly:

1. From the main menu, click Storage then Storage Accounts.

2. In the main window a message stating ‘You use Free 2 GB storage for tests Account.’ should be displayed.

Managed Backup Service Console

When ready; detailed instructions on configuring popular cloud storage providers are available through our Storage Configuration Guides.

Create a User Account (AKA Online Backup Account)

To be able to connect CloudBerry Online Backup once it’s installed on an endpoint or server; a user account needs to be configured.

To create a new user account:

1. From the main menu, click Users then Users from the drop down.

2. On the Users screen, click Create User.

3. Enter the details required in the form provided:

First Name

Last Name

User account: This can be anything; however an e-mail address is most unique.

Initial Password: A randomly generated password is set by default, but can be overwritten.

Notification emails: E-mail address for reports to be sent to for this user.

Company: Leave this option blank for time being.

Account: Use default Free 2 GB storage for tests

Bucket: Use default cblmbsus

Storage Limit: Use default CBL STORAGE

User Enabled: Tick the box to make user active once created.

Tick the box Send email with instructions to the user. to provide instructions directly to the user on how to access the MBS panel. There is also an option to provide a download link for each supported OS type.

Licenses: Leave as default as this can be changed when licenses/subscriptions are purchased.

Creating and Downloading Installation Packages

There are different installation packages required for different operating systems (Windows, Linux and MacOS). These are available following the steps below:

1. From the main menu, click Downloads then Downloads from the drop down.

2. A list of the available builds and download links will then be displayed.

  1. If a particular OS build isn’t available; click Get More. The window will then change and allow for the build required to be built by ticking the appropriate box next to the Operating Systems required. Once selected click OK to have the builds begin.

Once the installation package is built; the download link will be displayed just as in Step 2 above.

Move the installation package to the machine(s) that CloudBerry Online Backup will be run on and you’re ready to begin installation.

Needing help…

The Managed Backup Service portal has a comprehensive Help section; which can be accessed by clicking Help in the top right corner of the window:

Managed Backup Service Console Help Menu

Alternatively the Test My Backups team is also available to work with you to work through anything CloudBerry related; as we’re the official partner of CloudBerry Lab within Australia & New Zealand.

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