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Managed Backup Benefits

Managed Backup Benefits

It’s a question we ask a lot of potential clients – how much do you risk to lose if all your critical systems and data suddenly become unavailable? What if we told you that a managed backup service could help counter the majority of potential data loss scenarios?

Managed backup allows business owners to relax when it come to data loss!

The benefits of managed backup to a business includes:

Low Cost of Ownership

A managed backup subscription is typically a fraction of the cost than dealing with the full end to end backup solution in house. Sorting out the right backup solution, hardware and disaster plan can be daunting. Let experts in the backup and recovery field handle it for you.

Reduce overall operating costs

The benefit of managed backup also helps the bottom line for any business. Instead of taking on employees for wages or salary; it’s a fraction of the cost to outsource. Especially to a company that has renowned knowledge and expertise in the backup and disaster recovery field.

Along with this; less management overheads means that you can also work on your business – instead of being sidetracked by backup errors and maintenance. We’ve written more about this here.

Ensure Business Continuity

It’s been written for the average business; a minute of downtime can cost somewhere in the area of $1000. The reasons for this is that staff are left sitting around unable to work effectively (lost productivity), orders and payments may not be able to be processed during downtime. Not to mention the negative public perception that may occur to your businesses brand.

Detailed Reporting Information

Regular reporting from your managed backup provider gives an overview of how your business will go during a potential outage or disaster scenario.

If you’re worried about how the business will handle a disaster…

Let Test My Backups know. We’ll be able to provide a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan; customised for your business. Along with this; regular reporting and backup recovery tests. All this starting at just $199 per month.

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