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Making copies of backup data is not a good idea

Making copies of backup data is not a good idea

Before we start, I’ll put in a disclaimer that this is mostly a personal preference type piece about making copies of backup data. Your opinions may differ and I’d love to hear about why in the comments towards the bottom.

A lot of times when dealing with businesses and IT professionals around backup; they do the right thing and want an onsite and offsite backup. It’s always a good thing! However; the difference that can come about is running a backup to the onsite location (a NAS or backup server for instance); then making copies of backup data on the NAS or backup server to a removable drive or to some sort of cloud storage.

Personally; this is a bad idea! All backups should be taken from the original source files.

Making copies of backup data is not a good idea

Data Corruption could be replicated

Imagine if the backup data which you’re copying is corrupted and you don’t know about it? You’ll not only have one corrupted backup – but both copies of your data will be corrupted.

This kind of defeats the purpose of having multiple copies of your data.

It’s better to run two different backup processes to the various backup media you’re working with. This way you’ll have some form of separation – and if the source becomes corrupted then chances are you’ll find out about it.

Making copies of backup data may increase restore times

Many backup vendors provide their own restoration methods – which requires back end files. If you’re copying the backup to another location then this could throw the restore process off.

Essentially meaning that you’d have to restore the data back to the original location first – then copy it back to where it’s original source is.

Wouldn’t it be better to just restore the data once to the original location and get running again?

Be sure to test your backup strategy out!

As mentioned earlier, this is a personal preference – it’s not an out and out rule of backup and recovery. If it’s required or your preference is to copy backup data; then make sure it’s tested thoroughly to iron out any potential kinks.

Alternatively; allow our team take control of your backup requirements for peace of mind. We’ll protect you’re data as close to 100% as possible!

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