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Linux Hyper-V Guests Backup

Linux Hyper-V Guests Backup

One of the main improvements that Microsoft added in Server 2012 R2; was the support and functionality of Linux Hyper-V guests. One of the main friction points for users up to this point was actually backing up Hyper-V guests running Linux.

Linux Hyper-V Guests Backup

While it was possible to run Linux within Hyper-V to this point; many didn’t due to these very restrictive limitations.The big one for backup was that Hyper-V had no way to communicate properly through to the Linux OS on the guest as it requires VSS to do so (which is Microsoft proprietary technology). When a backup ran; the Linux machines would be placed into a saved state – which would interrupt it’s ability to serve data and services.

By opening up support for such basic functions as backup – it’s made it more viable for MSP’s and VAR’s to implement various flavors of Linux within Hyper-V environments; when they perhaps wouldn’t have previously.

Hyper-V Integration Services

We’ve written about the Hyper-V Integration Services previously; however it’s worth noting that these are one of the most important parts of any Hyper-V backup. This includes Linux Hyper-V guests back ups as well. Where possible; it’s recommended to have the Hyper-V Integration Services installed on all Linux guest machines to provide access to the additional functionality added.

Microsoft also provide a specific set of Linux Integration Services that can be installed within the majority of common Linux distros as well.

By having these installed; the Linux guest machine will be backed up without interruption – which is the major gripe that most users had.

For best results; use a third party backup application

Linux Hyper-V guests backup has been a major sore point. Luckily; some of the better known players in the backup software space saw this as an opportunity. The likes of Altaro and Veeam have built their businesses around virtualization backup; to the point that they’re the most recognised brands in this area.

This is why it’s always a good idea to fork out a few dollars for a proven solution. In the long run you’ll end up saving time and money by having less monitoring and maintenance to perform.

Are you still trying to sink or swim when it comes to Linux Hyper-V guests backup?

If so; you may find benefits from using a Managed Backup Provider like Test My Backups. We have vast knowledge of virtualization backup. Contact our team today as we will be able to help protect your business data and systems.

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