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IT services for Manufacturing

IT services for Manufacturing

There are a lot of support structures that go into manufacturing quality goods. One of the most important support services are the IT services utilised within your manufacturing business. Below we go through why it’s important to have the right IT services for manufacturing companies.

Test My Backups provides data backup and recovery IT services for manufacturing companies.

Extend your IT department

While it’s great to have an onsite IT team which you can rely upon – this can sometimes limit the overall abilities due to the number of resources available within your team.

The main benefit of having an outsourced IT firm as a service provider for your manufacturing company is that it allows flexibility. Assigning repetitive tasks such as data backup or troubleshooting user IT issues; frees up your onsite IT staff to work on more focused projects to help streamline your production processes.

IT problems shouldn’t hold back production and sales of your products

If you sat down and calculated how much in lost productivity; sales opportunities and missed deadlines due to an extended IT outage – what would that figure be? For a fraction of the cost; you’ll be able to purchase a managed backup subscription from an IT service provider with expertise in manufacturing.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions for your business

Following on from the above; a minute of downtime is usually around a $1000 loss for any business – usually a lot higher in manufacturing. In a DR situation; staff left sitting around; current orders unable to be fulfilled. This all leads to difficult conversations with valued clients. It’s not a joke when it’s said that technology failures can have a large negative impact to your brand.

It’s important to know the path forward in the event of a disaster recovery situation. Enlist Test My Backups to take care of the burden of backup and recovery through their Managed Backup IT services for manufacturing companies.

Are you a manufacturing company, or in another industry? Check what IT services we provide and see how we can help you today!

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