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Is your business ready for a Ransomware Recovery?

Is your business ready for a Ransomware Recovery?

You may be asking ‘is ransomware still a thing?’ While it’s been a while since a major outbreak has hit mainstream media – we can assure you it’s still a thing. Now the question to ask is; ‘Are we prepared for a ransomware recovery?’

A ransomware recovery plan is essential for all businesses!

Every device needs a plan to counter ransomware

Ransomware has the potential to impact every piece of technology that has data that your business relies upon. This includes:

Endpoints: An endpoint is any device that your staff, customers or clients use. These are typically mobile devices, tablets, laptop or desktop computers. The majority of ransomware infections begin on endpoints. E-mail attachments; or through downloaded files from websites that aren’t genuine.

Servers: Not commonly accessed day to day; servers are still at risk of encryption from a ransomware threat. Ransomware spreads throughout a network – wreaking havoc on any data and system it can gain access to (including servers).

But all our data’s hosted in the cloud…

The common misconception that business owners raise is that their data is safe within the cloud (usually through some kind of Software as a Service (SaaS) offering). While we agree that the cloud is a very handy resource; for businesses great and small – ransomware can still encrypt this data.

It’s been well reported that such SaaS applications such as Office 365 are now becoming a target to hackers that write ransomware. The other misconception is that the service provider (Microsoft in the case of Office 365) are looking after your data; where as this isn’t necessarily correct.

A user is responsible for their data; where the service provider is responsible for making sure the availability of the service meets the agreed SLA’s. If your data is encrypted through a user falling for a phishing attack; the service provider may not be able to help you recover.

This is why cloud data requires a reliable backup and recovery plan.

Make sure that you’re not caught without a ransomware recovery plan

It’s not easy effectively protecting everything; especially when it comes to ransomware recovery. This is where Test My Backups can help – we take all the worry and grief away by implementing our four step on-boarding process.

Call 1300  711 987 for your emergency ransomware recovery experts!

Contact us today for a free consultation. We can discuss how we can address your ransomware recovery; and data protection needs.

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