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Is it close to the end of the humble backup hard drive?

Is it close to the end of the humble backup hard drive?

With the added market share for the cloud industry booming over the last 5 or so years – it’s actually caused for the possibility that the old, trusty backup hard drive to go the way of the dinosaur?

Apple is offering 50GB iCloud storage for around $1 a month, Google have their cloud offers when purchasing their hardware as well.

The portable backup hard drive industry isn't going anywhere just yet!

However; it’s unlikely that the gravity of the cloud will cause the death external hard drive industry.

It’s a great time to buy a backup hard drive set

Portable hard drives have come a long way in the last few years. They’re getting cheaper and cheaper to purchase and a Terabyte of storage will cost around $50.

However; the bang for your buck around capacity is only part of the story. Don’t just go and purchase the most expensive drive. Other considerations that need to be made for your on premise backup external hard drive include the physical size of the drive (is it easily portable?), the connection type that is used to connect to the server as well as its durability.

Regardless what they say, (physical) size does matter!

Since it’s always recommended to have an offsite backup when using the 3-2-1 backup rule; if your offsite backups are located on an external backup hard drive then its portability needs to be considered.

There are a number of external hard drives on the market – however it’s quite easy to find a 4TB external hard drive that’s a little over 3 inches in size. Compact, easily stored and easy to move to offsite storage locations.

Connection type can improve backup efficiency

Every so often; there is a shift in the hardware industry where a new standard in connectivity is released. Remember when USB 1.0 was the standard; now if your machine doesn’t have USB 3.0 ports it’s deemed as outdated.

Keeping fairly up to date with the connection type your machine is capable of running; then matching this with the set of backup hard drives could improve your backup efficiency by a lot.

Durable, but also stylish!

Back when the iMac first came out, one of the biggest things was that it came in a variety of colors. Not only was it looked at as a computer; but also as a talking piece within the interior of a room.

Smartphone designs are sleek, colorful and deemed as a necessary fashion item to have (don’t get me started on the various covers that you can purchase as well). Well portable backup hard drives are kind of going through a similar thing. They’re regularly a similar (if not smaller) size to our phone. Hardware manufacturers have pushed to add funky patterns, a variety of colors and also the look and feel of their portable hard drives.

Drive manufacturers like Seagate make sure their portable backup hard drive range come in a variety of colours or patterns.

Drive manufacturers like Seagate make sure their portable backup hard drive range come in a variety of colors or patterns.

Although; it’s also important that the drives are durable and can withstand the punishment that comes along with being transferred from site to site. Make sure that the case feels sturdy and if you can; get some sort of guarantee or insurance in case the drive does get destroyed inadvertently.

Confused over all the different drives available

Test My Backups has used a variety of backup solutions, backing up to a number of different portable backup hard drives. Some combinations are better than others. Subscribe to a TMB Managed Backup Service and make sure you’re backups are always best practice.

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