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Information about Backup as a Service from Test My Backup

Information about Backup as a Service from Test My Backups

Backup and recovery is one of the most important services which IT provides a business. Data security and recovery time is important to any business. This is where Backup as a Service, commonly abbreviated to BaaS comes into play.

Backup as a Service is worth a look for any SMB or SME

What is Backup as a Service?

Backup as a Service is regarded as outsourcing the backup and data storage to a Backup Service Provider. As a result; the commonly accepted concept of this is that the data is transferred offsite automatically via the cloud to the Backup Service Provider’s nominated data centre.

This is the alternative of having a permanent IT staff on the pay roll and the overheads of not only purchasing but maintaining expensive equipment.

The bottom line is that business backup and disaster recovery is expensive – regardless of the size of the business.

Benefits of using Test My Backups Backup as a Service

Test My Backups Backup as a Service offering provides the following key for each and every one of our clients:

  1. Stable and predictable pricing structure – The only time the price could possibly change is if you’re data requirements change.

  2. Low overhead to you – we’re the backup and data recovery experts. We’ll handle everything from arranging necessary hardware and software; to monitoring and maintaining the health of your data.

  3. Support for a variety of operating systems – including Microsoft Windows, VMware environments.

  4. Regular reporting and monitoring – we’ll provide automated backup reports so you’re aware of any issues as soon as we are.

  5. Regular recovery testing – we perform monthly testing of your backups to ensure they’re recoverable in the event your business faces data loss.

  6. World leading backup solutions – we partner with the world leading backup vendors to provide a comprehensive, local and cloud customised business backup solutions.

The main reason why Test My Backups is the most qualified BaaS Company

What makes Test My Backups the most qualified Backup Service Provider?

Many IT firms (which are classified as Managed Service Providers) will include backup and recovery as part of their package.  Since it’s only a small percentage of their services; this tends to not receive the time that backup and recovery requires.

Since our offering is around servicing the backup and recovery requirements of the SMB and SME market – it’s possible to maintain laser focus on your business data.

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