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Hyper-V to VMware Guest Conversion

Hyper-V to VMware Guest Conversion

Virtualisation is taking over the world. Over the last decade there has been a major rise in virtualized environments in business. So much so that the major players in the space – Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware are likely to be found in many of the same environments. However; with most things technology – there isn’t much in the way of crossover. It’s a bit of a pain point for administrators the world over because there wasn’t an easy way to covert from Hyper-V to VMware.

Although with most good development companies; they discover gaps and look at them as opportunities rather than problems. Vmware stepped up to the plate and developed the VMware vCenter Converter.

Hyper-V to VMware conversion is made easy with the vCenter Converter Application!

Why would you want to convert guests from Hyper-V to VMware?

There are a number of advantages that both Hyper-V and VMware have. Many of the reasons would come down to personal preference of management along with the administration team that’s responsible for looking after the virtualised environments.

In saying this; the possible reasons to choose to move from Hyper-V to VMware are:

Leading virtualization innovation

While Microsoft is a well known brand worldwide; they get this reputation from developing operating systems and other applications that make business easier. When you ask an IT professional what VMware means to them – their first (and pretty much only) thought will be around virtualization. This is because this is VMware’s primary product and market; where they are continually pushing what can be achieved through virtualized environments.

Hyper-V and virtualization is only a very small part of the puzzle when it comes to Microsoft!

More efficient use of hardware

The actual footprint of VMware Esxi on a system is rather minor. Having the ability to run the actual host operating system from a thumb drive shows just how less resource intensive the VMware solution is. The advantage of this is if you have 4TB of hard disk space and 32GB RAM – this can be more effectively utilized by guest machines as the host level requires very little to run.

With a Hyper-V solution you need to run Windows on the host level; this means that it requires the use of RAM to run and hard drive space to be installed on. A major disadvantage when comparing the two solution.s

Brand trust and recognition

VMware has been around working in the virtualization space for around 15 years. In that time they’ve been trusted by companies and businesses the world over (at one point having market share of over 75%).

This includes many large multi-national companies (including Fortune 500’s) that trust their virtualized IT infrastructure to VMware.

Next Steps

Now you know why and how to convert guest machines from Hyper-V to VMware. Are you having problems getting your guest machines to move easily from Hyper-V to VMware using the VMware vCenter converter? Would you rather have experienced professionals manage your conversion tasks? Let us know at Test My Backups; as we’ve performed many of these for our clients.

You could also read more about converting to VMware from Hyper-V using Starwind’s conversion tool as well.

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