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How to convert a VM from Hyper-V to VMware using StarWind V2V Converter

How to convert a VM from Hyper-V to VMware using StarWind V2V Converter

In a lot of situations, businesses opt to run multi-environment configurations. Examples of this are Windows and Linux servers, or VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments. We’ll be focusing on the later by showing step by step how to convert a guest machine from Hyper-V to VMware using StartWind’s free V2V converter tool.

Hyper-V to VMware conversion is made easy by StarWind

This means that a Hyper-V guest can then be run within a VMware environment (and may help with business continuity and disaster recovery in some instances). We have already written methods of going the other way (VMware to Hyper-V) where we first mentioned StarWind V2V Converter.

As a result; to perform the Hyper-V to VMware conversion you’ll need to firstly download the StarWind V2V converter from their website (be aware you’re asked to provide details to be provided the link) and install it on your preferred machine.

Things to be aware of for our Hyper-V to VMware conversion

  1. We chose to use the Hyper-V host to run the conversion. However you can do this remotely using the StarWind V2V converter.

  2. The vhd we are converting is 120GB in size.

Step by Step Guide to converting the vhd file to vmdk format

1. Launch the StarWind V2V Converter.

2. Select the source image location. In our example we’re selecting ‘Local File’ then click Next:

source image location

3. Browse to the location of the vhd file which you’re wanting to convert and click Next.

vhd file

4. Select the Destination image format. We’re converting to VMware; so we’re selecting the VMware ESX server image.

VMware ESX server

5. The conversion process should then begin (displaying the following screen):

conversion process

6. ‘Converted Successfully’ can now be seen once the task has finished.

Converted Successfully

7. Finally; you’ll find the new vmdk file in the location listed next to ‘Creating image file’:

Creating image file

You can now move the vmdk file; create a guest machine within your VMware installation and configure the VM to use the vmdk file you’ve created.

Before you ask; it took around 18 minutes for the conversion of the 120GB vhd file to finish. Consequently times will vary depending on how large the initial vhd or vhdx file is.

Hopefully this shows how simple it is if you ever need to move from Hyper-V to VMware in a hurry! Lastly; if you’ve found this helpful feel free to share on social media using the buttons below. If you’ve got questions or comments – feel free to post them below or shout out to us directly via our website!

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