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Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

The 27th July, 2018  (that’s today) will mark the 19th SysAdmin Appreciation Day! If you don’t believe us – then check out this site that’s all about it! This is a day where you’re able to thank your resident System Administrator; or any third party MSP that helps to keep your IT functioning.

Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

What is a System Administrator? What do they do?

A System Administrator (or SysAdmin for short) is the person responsible for configuring, monitoring and maintaining the reliability of computer systems – most commonly server environments. Let’s take a bit more of a look into what looking after computer environments can mean:

User Support

This is likely where you may notice your System Administrator! You know when you submit a ticket because you can’t login; your PC won’t turn on or your e-mail isn’t working? That’s right. They’re all fixed by your System Administrator.

They even make sure that nasty viruses stay off your computer and make sure that when you want to watch cat videos on YouTube; they’re is no buffering problems!

Network Monitoring

Speaking of networks and Internet; System Administrators are also responsible for monitoring and identifying problems before they reach you. This means that all the systems you use are available when you need them. Basically; without a System Administrator – none of your good work your recognised for may even happen!

System Maintenance

While you’re not in the office most likely enjoying your evenings at home; chances are your System Administrator is working. You may have seen the alert emails telling you ‘services will be unavailable during the following times’. In real terms, it translates to ‘IT are working during these times; usually when you aren’t’.

and of course…Backups and Restores!

Ever accidentally deleted an important e-mail? Come in and found your work PC won’t start? What happened? Did it magically reappear or start working again?

If so; it’s likely your company’s backups were used to do this. Just another thing that System Administrators are responsible for. Working in the back ground; they make sure that all backups can be restored from. They monitor and manage the backups to ensure they are working for when they may be needed.

When you delete that e-mail; they haven’t just kept a copy for themselves that they give to you. They’re prepared and trained for the time when you need them to be a hero!

How can I show appreciation to my SysAdmin?

It really doesn’t take much; just a kind ‘Thank You’ can be enough to fulfill your duty as a user on SysAdmin Appreciation Day! However; to let you in on a little secret. System Administrators usually like things such as:

  1. Beer

  2. Snacks and munchies

  3. Gifts or ‘swag’

  4. Caffeine based energy drinks like Monster, RedBull and Coke.

  5. Coffee as well

  6. Did we forget to mention beer?

Feel free to pop into their office and say ‘Hi’ for SysAdmin Appreciation Day. We promise the majority of SysAdmins are good people; and won’t bite!

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