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Ethically Managing Medical Data

Ethically Managing Medical Data

If you’re a member of the medical sector; you’ll have spent countless hours learning and memorising the importance of medical data compliance. It’s considered that individuals health information is highly personal. When accessing vital health services; People need trust that medical practices are ethically managing medical data.

Medical Data Compliance is as serious as the work medical professionals undertake everyday.

What’s the main criteria for ethically managing medical data in Australia?

While ethics and law are two totally different things; compliance with medical data in Australia is dictated by The Privacy Act of 1988. There have been other specific laws introduced over the years (like the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records Act 2012) since in 1988 medical records and personal data would’ve been kept in a filing cabinet; while today it’s stored digitally – either locally or in the cloud.

Backup data should be encrypted

One of the easiest ways to treat your patients personal data is by encrypting it. This is relevant when it comes to backup data as well. Although; it’s not technically legally required under some of the more well known data regulations around patient data. Suprisingly; the biggest example of this is the US HIPPA laws.

There really isn’t any excuses for not encrypting backup data these days; all good backup software packages have encryption options built in and basically require you to set a password to get started.

When it comes to ethical management of medical data; you need an IT services provider you can trust!

When it comes to protecting data properly; it’s best to have someone who works explicitly in the data protection field to make sure it’s performed properly. Test My Backups has been working with medical practices for some time; making sure that their medical data was protected properly while also meeting compliance requirements as outlined by the law.

Are you a medical practice needing to improve your backup and recovery processes; while knowing there is a major focus on ethically managing medical data? Reach out today and see how we can help!

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