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Data Recovery Software – Things to factor in

Data Recovery Software – Things to consider

Technology is great. Computers and the Internet have brought everyone closer together. However; devices aren’t the most important thing; it’s the data. When your device (like smartphone, tablet or laptop) goes on life support (or dies completely); data recovery software is needed to get the valuable data back!

There are many things to consider when selecting Data Recovery Software

However; not all data recovery software is made equal. Below are a few of the variables to take into account when dealing with data recovery software.


All good software should be easy to figure out; and get you working towards what you’re wanting to achieve by using it. When it comes to data recovery; this is even more important. The highest chance of success is on the first recovery attempt. Anything working after the second or third attempt is typically a miracle.

Along with this; no one wants to come out of a user experience feeling confused and let down. Do yourself a favor and try software that is complex (completes difficult tasks) in the back end; but simple in the front (making it easy for you to initiate these difficult tasks).

Up to date development and support

As with all software, end of life and discontinued development is a common thing to encounter. That’s why it’s important to select a data recovery solution which is not only current; but has technical support associated with it. This will mean that the solution is able to keep up to date with all the current file formats and different recovery techniques.

The technical support component is also a great option to have; being able to get your questions answered quickly or get a helping hand over any barriers you encounter is worth it’s weight in gold. Especially in data loss situations!

System Compatibility

This one is fairly obvious; however it could easily overlooked. A data recovery solution needs to be compatible with the device, operating system and environment it’s running on.

All decent data recovery software should be able to preview the corrupted files before initiating the actual recovery process.

There is an a number of different recovery solutions on the market; meaning that there are a range of options if one doesn’t fit what you’re needing. However; a must in any recovery solution is that multiple file format support is provided. It’s almost impossible that you’ll only ever need or try to recover just PDF files, or word documents.

Functionality and Features

We touched on this in a previous section; however everyone feels like they’re getting value for money. Should you encounter a complete RAID failure; corrupted partition or just some files that were accidentally deleted. The more features in your tool kit; the more prepared you’ll be for any data recovery situation.

You’ll never know what you’ll encounter tomorrow; so it’s better to prepare for as many situations as possible today.


While the other consideration topics on this list are a good gauge to if software will do what is required. The proof is in the performance. It’s great having all the bells and whistles available to youl however if it takes an unreasonable amount of time to perform the recovery or regularly fails; then the data recovery software in question probably isn’t worth it.

There are plenty of reviews online comparing the various data recovery solutions out there – with their performance very high on the list of criteria. It’s worth taking a look at a few different reviews just to see that there isn’t too many variations in results.

Wanting to avoid data recovery software…there is a way.

When data loss occurs; the last thing to think about is data recovery. In needing to do so means that other pro-active and precautionary steps potentially could be used. Want to know one of the easiest steps to avoid the need to search for data recovery software? Take regular backups of your critical data.

Does that sound just like another thing to remember; on the off chance you’ll need it? Let someone else do it for you. With Test My Backups; we’re able to provide a customised end to end backup and recovery solution based around industry best practices. We’ll also perform regular recovery tests on your backup data; all for a small monthly fee.

Want to reduce the chances of needing to use data recovery software? Hopefully we’re not too late! Contact our team directly today!

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