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Data recovery service: Tips to help avoid needing them

Data recovery service: Tips to help avoid needing them

Technology, it’s around us everywhere. It makes our lives easier (well in most cases anyway). Regardless of age, it’s likely we all know how to use some form of digital storage. However; technology can break or not work as expected without warning. That’s where a data recovery service is able to help.

use these tips to prevent having to pay a data recovery service.

Use these tips; most importantly so you prevent having to pay a data recovery service.

There are measures that can be taken proactively to limit the chance of having to pay a recovery data service company. More often than not, people and businesses are caught off guard by actions that result in some form of data loss.

An employee accidentally deletes important documents, your kids delete all those personal photos that have taken years to collect. When that happens; what would your plan of action be to get the files back?

The more prepared for data loss or a disaster; the more likely you’ll be able to gain access back to your data. Consequently; without having to enlist a data recovery service to do it for you!

Below are a few tips to proactively protect your data from being inaccessible for some unknown reason.

Tips to protect your data

Have a backup strategy

A backup strategy plan outlines some basic questions. What data is part of the back up? The storage location of the backups? How to recover the data is also important to document as well.

The most important thing is the documentation is complete when it comes to a backup strategy. If data is being recovered, then it’s likely a stress factor can be a variable. The documentation being simple will help combat any of this from preventing moving past the data loss or disaster scenario being experienced.

Implement the 3-2-1 backup strategy

Do you want to know one of the best ways to avoid a data recovery service company in the future? Easy; it’s to try protect your data from as many data loss situations as possible. The way to do this is to use the 3-2-1 backup rule.

The 3-2-1 backup rule involves the following; allowing it to be industry best practice:

  1. multiple copies of your data

  2. located on multiple types of hardware

  3. with at least one backup offsite at all times

By following these three golden rules; you’ll be able to get out of any unexpected data loss situation – and avoid paying a data recovery service company as well!

Perform regular test recoveries

We’ve written about this many times. However; it’s still not a regular practice by home users or businesses in many cases. Taking backups of your data is only part of the puzzle. More importantly; recovering data successfully is the ultimate factor.

By recovering any backup data on a regular basis; you’re ensuring the following three items:

Education – you’re able to learn the recovery process when you really need to know it.

Finding any unexpected issues – many different external variables impact any recovery. It’s better to know these and act upon them before a live data loss situation – when the pressure is off.

Know your backup can recover – isn’t it nice knowing that at least one of your backups works fully?

Take the stress off completely…use a Managed Backup Service Provider

While purchasing a managed backup subscription is spending money – the overall cost is considerably lower than that of a data recovery service company. Test My Backups have years of combined experience; working with business of all sizes. Using best practice backup strategies, and prices starting at $199 per month. Protection from as many possible data loss scenarios. Without having to use a data recovery service.

In addition; do you have any other tips to avoid dealing with data loss and data recovery service companies? Let us know in the comments below!

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