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Data Protection Vs Data Privacy

Data Protection Vs Data Privacy

Data protection and data privacy are intertwined in a way. So much so that people tend to mix and match the two terms where they see fit. A great example of this is in the US; the management of personal information comes under a company’s ‘privacy policy’. However; in Europe this comes under the ‘protection policy’.

However; when reviewing closely the two are actually complimenting to each other and not one in the same.

Data Protection vs Data Privacy

What is Data Protection?

Data protection (and data security) is the process of defending data against unauthorised access. It works on both a personal and corporate or business level. This prominently takes into account the methods taken to prevent ‘the black hats’ from breaking into the ‘bank vault’. In a standard terms; this would be gaining unauthorised access to personally identifiable information such as your bank details or medicare details (from a personal perspective) or from a business view suppliers, clients and even employees personal data.

Not only is it to do with preventing access to those who shouldn’t have it; but also helps counter potential issues around data corruption, errors and general integrity of the data.

What is Data Privacy?

Also known as Information Privacy; data privacy is based around the relationship of collecting, storing and using data which can be traced back to a specific individual. It deals with the legal and ethical issues; particularly around preserving and protecting the privacy of the data.

It’s an all encompassing topic as well; with very few industries these days not relying on data in some form or another. Some of the more well known (and perhaps obvious) data privacy areas include:

  1. Financial privacy

  2. Medical privacy

  3. Online privacy

Why has this become such a trending topic in recent months?

Data Protection and data privacy has come to the front of everyone’s minds recently; mainly due to the enforcement of new GDPR laws in Europe. These new laws give individuals the power to be forgotten (all personally identifiable data deleted permanently) or entitled to a copy of all personal data in which a company may hold on them. Since it’s a global economy and businesses are multi-national. The laws indicate that any dealings with European based clients or businesses (regardless of where you’re based) must ensure full compliance with these laws.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea on how Data Protection and Data Privacy differ; and their relationship to each other.

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