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Data Loss Horror Stories throughout the years

Data Loss Horror Stories throughout the years

Is data loss ever a good thing no matter the situation? According to Wikipedia – 43% of businesses never reopen and an additional 29% close their doors within 24 months of a major data loss incident.

This demonstrates backup and recovery processes and their potential importance.

A few public examples of horrific data loss are below. Note: the majority were avoidable if data replication, along with backup and recovery were a higher priority.

US Consulate suffers data loss due to software patch gone wrong

More than 200,000 visa applications were delayed due to data loss

In 2014 the US consulate database became unavailable due to a rogue software patch that went horribly wrong! The overall impact of this was that the state department’s passport and visa system crashed. More than 200,000 visa applications became delayed.

Although the entire system wasn’t backed up; the data was. Data loss caused a critical operation to stop and embarrassment the world over!

Data loss suffered by Ma.gnolia.com ended up shutting the website down completely

A web based business, Ma.gnolia.com worked within the bookmarking web documents space. However; in January 2009 this all came to a sudden halt. The data loss was so extensive that after 18 days of downtime; the company founder announced in February 2009:

“Unfortunately, database file recovery has been unsuccessful and I won’t be able to recover members’ bookmarks from the Ma.gnolia database,”

The website became unavailable permanently in September 2010.

Data loss nearly killed off Woody and Buzz!

Why were we nearly killed by that data loss Woody?!

“Whaddaya mean we’re a horror story about data loss?”

In 1998 while working on Toy Story 2 – an unnamed employee of Pixar accidentally executed a remove all command. This mistake resulted in 90% of data lost of the project (or around 2 years’ worth of work). This was inconsequential as a backup strategy was in place and could easily get the data with backup and recovery processes.

Unfortunately; no one knew the backups were failing for a month before and the project was essentially dead in the water.

However; one of the technical directors on the film had made some secret backups so that she could work from home with her newborn child. (Working remotely was a fairly new concept in 1998 kids!).

The end result was that only a few days of data was unable to be retrieved and the movie was a massive hit grossing around $500 million at the box office in total.

Feel free to use this as an example for why working from home is a great idea!

Even the great library of Alexandria is an example of data loss

Burnt books are an example of data loss

Alright, this one is kind of a joke. However; when historic data loss is dubbed “knowledge and culture destroyed”- it must’ve been serious. As the story goes; everything was lost in the fire – including rare scrolls and books. All were singular copies of works from great minds up to that point in time.

The authors of the scrolls and books should’ve built in some redundancy. Creating a second copy would’ve achieved this.

Don’t become an example…

By performing consistent and regular backup audits and data recoveries – you’ll reduce the possibility of permanent data loss. When looking for help in performing such tasks; let TestMyBackups assist. You can find more information about what TestMyBackups can provide around test recovering your data on a regular basis.

If you’re ready to have your first backup recovery tested then place an order and we will get started right away.

Still have some questions around potential data loss?  Feel free to contact us with an obligation free enquiry.

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