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Considerations to take when looking for a Backup Service Provider

Considerations to take when looking for a Backup Service Provider

With the need of 24/7 availability (as that’s the world we live in); the requirement (and expectation) of reliable, efficient backups for mission critical services and systems is a high priority for any business. Unfortunately for many small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) are unaware of the considerations to take when looking for a Backup Service Provider.

With SMB, where the need to ‘do more with less’ is a common observance (especially when it comes to finances). The challenge when finding the right Backup Services Provider can come down to knowing the specific requirements for your business and connecting with the right provider who seamlessly fits.

Review our considerations to take when looking for a Backup Service Provider to find the right fit for your business.

To help get the thought process going; we’re outlining a few considerations to take when looking for a Backup Service Provider.

Wide Range of Options

Many Managed Service Providers believe that the cloud is the only way to manage backups. While it is a useful technology for availability purposes – there are the inevitable downsides of your data no longer under your control. Is it possible your data is stored somewhere else? Who has access to it?

Locally stored data and backups (along with cloud backup) is still a useful way to reduce downtime in the event of a disaster recovery scenario.

Backup Monitoring

Ideally your backups should be monitored constantly. While backups are sometimes considered ‘set and forget’ – it’s not always that way. Regular backup schedules, and regular checks could potentially prevent major problems in the future.

How many other clients are dealing with the technician that is responsible for your backups?

This type of questioning can separate choices on who to join.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Unfortunately; Business Continuity and DR planning are sometimes afterthoughts. However; the reality of the situation is that any backup strategy is incomplete without documented and regularly tested Business Continuity plan and Disaster Recovery plans.

This is such an important step in the entire process; that Test My Backups offers services to help design and implement both.

Does your Managed Backup Provider really understand your requirements?

Hopefully after reading this article and outlining a few of the specifics for your individual business; you’ll have a clearer picture when making a decision.

Many different providers have their specific, rigid methods when it comes to backup and recovery – you’ll need to adjust your business around what they provide. Test My Backup’s has the goal of being as fluid and transitional as the backup and recovery space we service.

If you’re looking at Managed Backup Services for the first time; or looking to make a change from your current provider – hopefully the considerations to take a look at when looking for a Backup Service Provider we’ve listed have helped.

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