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Connecting CloudBerry to Wasabi Storage

Connect CloudBerry to Wasabi Storage

Following on from our previous post Configure Wasabi Cloud Storage for use with CloudBerry Online Backup; we are now going to look how to actually connect CloudBerry to Wasabi Storage bucket. The steps to do this are as follows:

1. Login to your MBS Console. Note: If you don’t have an MBS console login; sign up to have an account created.

2. On the main menu, click Storage then Storage Accounts from the drop down.

3. On the Storage Accounts page; click on Add Account

4. On the Select Cloud Storage popup, select Wasabi.

5. Enter the Account Details for the Wasabi Storage Account.

Display Name: The name of the storage container within MBS. Access Key: The Access Key created in the Wasabi Management Console. Secret Key: The Secret Key that was created in the Wasabi Management Console.

Once all details entered; click Save.

6. Enter the details to Add or Create a new Destination Container.

Display Name: The name of the Wasabi storage bucket within MBS. This is what’s displayed when viewing storage within CloudBerry Online Backup as well.

Create new container: MBS can create a new container if required. Enter the name of the container and also which region to store your data in.

Select Existing Container: If there are already buckets within the Wasabi Account; then they will be listed and can be selected for use.

Once complete; click Save.

7. Assign permissions to the storage account for Online Backup Accounts (users) or companies (groups of users) and click Save.

The Wasabi Storage Account will now be listed under Storage Accounts (as below).

When logged into CloudBerry Online Backup as an Online Backup Account with permissions to the Wasabi storage; it’ll now be shown and can be selected as a backup destination to use within a backup plan.

For the entire end to end process of creating a Wasabi cloud bucket and connecting CloudBerry Backup to it; download the entire guide.

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