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Configuring Azure Blob Storage

Configuring Azure Blob Storage

This walk-through demonstrates the steps for configuring Azure Blob Storage within the Azure portal. If proceeding through this document; it’s assumed you have an Azure account already. If not you can sign up for free. Microsoft also provide an Azure price calculator to give a guide on how much it’ll cost to store your data.

To go through the entire process of configuring the Azure storage, then using it within CloudBerry Online Backup then this is documented here.

Microsoft Azure Portal

Note: Some of the following details may also be available within the Microsoft Azure Help documentation.

Configuring a Azure Storage Account

1. Login to your Azure Portal.

2. On the left hand navigation menu click Create a resource.

3. From the Popular list; click on Storage account.

Configuring Azure Blob Storage

4. Setup the storage account by filling in the details required.


Subscription This is the billing subscription on your Azure account which the storage account will be associated with.

Resource Group Resource groups allow for Azure services to be grouped together; making it easier to manage by project, client, etc.


Storage Account Name Name of the storage account within Azure. Must be all lowercase characters or numbers between 3 and 24 characters in length.

Location The geographical location of the data centre that the storage account (and your data will be stored).

Performance Two options to choose from here:

Standard: The physical hardware are magnetic hard drives. Premium: Uses Solid State Drives (SSD). Cost will be additional for this level.

Account Kind This is the type of storage to use. Typically for file based backups; it’s suggested to use BlobStorage.

Replication Determines if your data will be replicated to other data centres within the Azure network; protecting from any localised incidents. Depending on the level selected; this may increase overall cost.

Access Tier (default) There are two access tiers available by default – Hot and Cool. If using the storage account for only backup data; then it’s suggested to set this to Cool as its pricing and purpose is designed for scenarios around backup and recovery.

Configuring Azure Blob Storage

5. Once everything is configured; click Review & Create. Note: There are advanced options which can also be configured; but they’re not required to create a basic Azure Storage Account.

6. A validation process will occur and a summary page shown. Click Create at the bottom to begin creating the storage account within the Azure network.

A ‘Deployment is Underway’ screen will now appear.

Once completed the storage account will be live and ready to use.

Details required to connect to Azure Storage Account

Before you logout of the Azure portal; there are some details that are needed to connect CloudBerry Online Backup to the Azure Storage Account.

These details are:

  1. Storage Account Name

  2. Shared Key

The following steps outline how to find these details:

1. On the left hand navigation menu click All resources.

2. From the list of resources; click on the Name of the storage account CloudBerry Online Backup will use.

3. Once viewing the Storage Account; click on Access Keys.

On the Access keys screen; the Storage Account Name and Key will be displayed.

Either key1 or key2 will be required: not both.

Configuring Azure Blob Storage

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