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CloudBerry VMware Tips

CloudBerry VMware Tips

Like all technology; VMware is known to have some very useful shortcuts and tips that make the overall management of an environment a lot easier on IT staff and Administrators. The following article outlines a few CloudBerry VMware tips which will make protecting VM’s with CloudBerry Online Backup a lot easier overall.

CloudBerry VMware Tips

CloudBerry Supported Systems

CloudBerry Online Backup VM supports backing up VMware guests within the following environments:VMware Esxi 6.7VMware Esxi 5.5VMware Esxi 6.5VMware Esxi 5.1VMware Esxi 6.0VMware Esxi 5.0


To protect virtual machines using CloudBerry Online Backup; the VM Server subscription will be required once the initial 15 day trial period has finished. The VM Server subscription allows for two (2) sockets to be protected.

In the event that additional sockets are required to protect the VMware environment; the VM Server Socket subscription can also be added and enabled when a VM Server subscription is present. Each VM Server Socket subscription protects an additional one (1) socket.

More on licensing can be found here.

Installing CloudBerry Online Backup

To be able to successfully protect any VMware environment; CloudBerry Online Backup needs to be installed on a Windows operating system that has network access to the Esxi host machine. The supported Windows operating systems are as follows:

Windows Server: Server 2008 and newer families

Windows Desktop: Windows 7 and newer.

Ensure all VMware Guest Machines are running the latest version of VMware tools

Another key requirement to ensure that virtual machines running within VMware Esxi is to have VMware tools installed. This will ensure that the backup process is able to access the correct API’s required to backup the guest machines without any potential corruption issues; or system interruptions when the backups are running each time.

Have we missed any useful CloudBerry VMware Tips that you’ve used successfully in your environment? Let us know in the comments or on social media so we can add to them here!

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