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CloudBerry Online Backup (MBS) migration from CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Online Backup (MBS) migration from CloudBerry Backup

A regular situation our support team comes across is when a user has downloaded a trial of CloudBerry Backup (which uses perpetual licensing); but wanting to use CloudBerry Online Backup (along with monthly subscription pricing).

The main issue with this is usually their data has already been seeded to the cloud. However; CloudBerry Online Backup creates and writes its own file path (beginning with MBS) within the cloud storage – the issue is that the Standalone Backup (beginning with CBB) and Managed Backup use different folders (see the example below).

Since the different versions are using different folders in the cloud storage; this means that any data that one version has already backed up won’t be recognised by the other version. This means that when the backup is run for the first time within CloudBerry Online Backup; all the data will be sent to the cloud storage again (doubling up on data, and increasing storage costs).

The following outlines how to go about migrating from CloudBerry Backup to CloudBerry Online Backup.

NOTE: This is only current for Windows installations at this stage.


1. Configure your Managed Backup Service Console with the cloud storage already configured. 2. Have both CloudBerry Backup and CloudBerry Online Backup installed on the machine.

Importing settings from CloudBerry Backup to CloudBerry Online Backup

Firstly; we need to move backup plans and settings across from CloudBerry Backup to CloudBerry Online Backup then follow the steps below:

Export settings from CloudBerry Backup

1. Open CloudBerry Backup 2. Click on the Main Menu > Export Configuration.

3. On the Export Configuration popup: a) Select what settings and plans to export. b) Choose the path to save the configuration file.

Once you’ve done this, click Export to create the file.

Import settings into CloudBerry Online Backup

1. Open CloudBerry Online Backup. 2. Click on Import Configuration in the main tools menu.

Once the import has completed; all the settings and plans should now appear in CloudBerry Online Backup just as they did in CloudBerry Backup. The only thing that won’t be imported is cloud based storage; as this comes from the MBS console.

Final steps:

1. You’ll need to edit the backup plan and select the cloud storage you’re planning to use.

2. Run a quick backup to create the MBS folder in the cloud storage – which is needed below.

Migrating the backup data in your cloud storage

To migrate the backup data so that Online Backup is able to detect it and use it; requires four additional steps:

  1. Getting the ‘Display Name’ of the cloud storage from CloudBerry Backup.

  2. Finding the User ID for the user account within the MBS Console.

  3. Adding the cloud storage account into the MBS console and find the Bucket Name.

  4. Running the command line tool to perform the data migration.

How to find the Cloud Storage Display name within CloudBerry Backup

1. Open CloudBerry Backup 2. Click on the Main Menu > Edit Accounts. 3. Select the cloud storage and on the resulting popup; make note of the Display Name.

cloud storage account for CloudBerry Online Backup

Finding the User ID within the MSB Console

1. Open any web browser and login to the MBS Console. 2. From the main navigation menu; click on Users > Users.

3. Click on the ‘user’ icon to the left hand side of the user account row that you’re wishing to use to display the UserID.

Adding Cloud Storage to the MBS Console

See our Cloud Storage Configuration documentation on the steps to complete this. Make sure that you take note of the Bucket Name.

Migrating the data using the Command Line Tool

The three previous steps needed to be taken to set everything up so that you can run the command line tool to migrate the data across successfully. 1. Open an elevated command window. 2. Make the CloudBerry Installation directory the current folder location.

The syntax of the command line that’s needed to migrate the backup data is as follows:

cbb migrationstandalonetombs -a sourceStorageName -uid mbsUserID -b targetStorageBucketName

For the example that we’ve been using; the command will be:

cbb migrationstandalonetombs -a “AWS Storage” -uid 20ad33ca-b8d9-4beb-acbc-3d27ced703ef -b tmbawsstorage

The command will begin to copy the data across to the cloud storage specified. The following is what it’ll look like when it’s running:

command line running migration of data for CloudBerry Online Backup

Once you’ve migrated everything across (and confirmed that the data is being picked up by Online Backup); uninstall CloudBerry Backup from the machine to complete cleaning everything up.

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