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Cloud Backups – 5 Benefits to Businesses

Cloud Backups – 5 Benefits to Businesses

Cloud backups is becoming a very common buzz word in the backup and recovery industry these days. Unlike five years ago, the conditions of entry are not as exclusive. So is it time to consider a cloud backup solution for business purposes?

Cloud backups have real benefits for business.

We review some of the benefits your business can gain by doing so.

Cloud Backup Cost

As the old adage goes; storage is cheap. There is no difference when it comes to cloud storage and cloud backups. The biggest advantage for consumers in the cloud storage space is the amount of competition. As economics tell us; the more competition then the lower the costs.

Some online backup companies; such as Backblaze offer free unlimited storage as long as you use their backup solution as well. Even the big players in the market like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are fairly cost effective depending on the situation.

Regardless if private cloud (hosted in an internal data center) or public cloud (hosted by a third party) – the cost of large amounts of physical storage is no where near as restrictive as it once was.

If you are choosing to go with a third party cloud storage provider, we’ve written about things to consider during the search.

Enhanced Data Protection

All reputable cloud backup service providers offer high grades of security where data is encrypted in transit (while being sent to the cloud storage) and at rest (when it’s stored within the cloud storage).

Along with this is the added benefit of ransomware protection. Typically ransomware will encrypt files within the local network. Generally speaking; the cloud storage is outside of the infection area and immune to encryption.


The great thing about the cloud and the Internet is that it’s there all the time (24/7, 365 days a year).

This is a great benefit to any business; as it’s not affected by geographical situations and can be accessed whenever and where ever it’s needed. All offsite backups in the cloud are pretty much immune to being wiped out by natural disaster, corporate sabotage and any other situation you can come up with. Other than the cloud provider shutting their service down unexpectedly.

Automated Cloud Backups

Many of the backup solutions on the market offer continuous data protection. If a file changes; the changes are uploaded to the cloud too. This means that there isn’t any user interaction required to initiate a backup; or only being able to roll back to the last backup that happened two days ago.

Reducing the human element in any backup strategy can have a large impact on the end result in any data loss situation.

Device Agnostic

The great thing about the cloud is that it’s able to cover all kinds of devices. Tablets, mobile phones, laptops all the way through to high end servers. This means that cloud backup is perfect for teams on the move; using many different end points and even supplying ‘bring your own device’ BYOD situations.

All devices on the market are designed with storing data in the cloud in mind; so it makes sense to utilise such a strong advantage. This goes hand in hand with the ‘automated’ benefit mentioned above.

If your considering the potential that cloud backups can give your business; let our team know so we can guide you through the process.

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