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Celebrate World Backup Day 2018 by taking the pledge!

Celebrate World Backup Day 2018 by taking the pledge!

Just as it seems there is a day dedicated to everything else, does it surprise you that there is an annual World Backup Day? Even if you’re not; the date dedicated to backup is 31st March, 2018.

So now you’re probably asking what it is all about.

World Backup Day is 31st March, 2018

What is World Backup Day?

World Backup Day is a day each year dedicated to bring awareness around data backup to the masses. With more and more of our lives being lived digitally – the lack of basic understanding of data protection, backup and recovery isn’t as well-known as it probably should be.

Just a quick question to ask yourself. When was the last time you backed up your mobile phone? We all know how much of an inconvenience losing a mobile phone can be. Asking everyone to send their number and name.

However; it’s been quantified that the average cost of losing a mobile phone is somewhere around $14,000! It’d be even higher if it was a laptop or tablet!

How did World Backup Day begin?

Like all great causes – World Backup Day began with an idea on Reddit. A few concerned users felt that there had to be a way to remind people to perform regular backups of their personal and business related data.

On 31st March, 2011 – the very first World Backup Day occurred! The date wasn’t lost on the organisers either. The day after World Backup Day is April Fool’s Day – meaning that if you suffer from data loss any time after then you must’ve been an April Fool to not have a backup!

Over the years various backup software vendors (including Backblaze and StorageCraft) have given their support

How can you get involved?

It’s simple to be part of the movement – just simply back up your data on 31st March.

To become a larger part of World Backup Day; you can also make a pledge via your social media accounts to let all your friends know you’re backing up your important data – and that they should as well!

Remember to also perform a recovery as well. Just to make sure you’re backup is useful if you do encounter data loss!

If you’ve taken the pledge on social media – be sure to give us a follow on Twitter or Facebook so that we can share in your celebrations!

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