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Business Resilience and the relationship with Business Continuity

Business Resilience and the relationship with Business Continuity

While everyone has a data backup – sometimes this may not always be enough protection in the event of a business disruption. This is where business resilience (or organisational resilience) comes in. Although this seems to be in the same area as business continuity – it’s in fact the next evolutionary step.

Business Resilience is important for businesses of all sizes.

What did Business Resilience evolve from?

Somewhere around the early 2000’s (around the time Y2K was a concern) the major way in which IT outages were dealt with was based around disaster recovery (DR). DR was focused purely on the IT aspect of the outage and recovering the infrastructure. This included servers, desktops, networks, etc. and mostly came down to the IT team to act.

As with everything related to technology; improvements came in the form of larger capacity at a cheaper cost. This then made it affordable for businesses to begin thinking about being able to proactively plan for potential outages to lessen the impact on business.

This is where business continuity came in; allowing businesses to plan on how to deal with incidences that are disruptive to conducting business. Business Continuity planning moved past just looking at restoring IT services; focusing on getting the business back to a point of trading during an incident.

This involved reducing single points of failure in IT infrastructure; all staff understanding their role in the event of a major incident and even having a physical fall back location should the primary physical location become cut off such as in a natural disaster or manmade threat (such as bomb threats for example).

Now; as we mentioned before – business resilience is the next step in being able to fully counter a business disruption.

What exactly is Business Resilience?

Business resilience is the ability to respond and adapt to disruptions that may occur. This includes safeguarding people and assets, all while allowing operations to continue.

The ultimate aim of business resilience is to get through a disruption by encountering little to no downtime to business services that is noticeable to the customer or end user.

How does Business Resilience relate to Business Continuity?

The main understanding between business resilience and business continuity is that your business can’t be resilient unless it’s able to achieve a level of business continuity. Although; business continuity and disaster recovery kind of infer that there was some sort of downtime suffered to services during the disruption or IT incident.

To summarise; being able to achieve business continuity through planning to a point where no downtime’s encountered; the result is that your business can be classified as resilient to incidences and disasters.

Test My Backups

Test My Backups have been working in the disaster recovery, business continuity and business resilience area for sometime now; being able to help small to large businesses lessen the impact of potential disruptions that may occur. Contact us today so that we can discover what we can do to make sure your business can call itself resilient.

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