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Business Backup Solution From Test My Backups

Business Backup Solution From Test My Backups

No matter the industry in which you work; data will be one of the most critical assets to your business. If this data isn’t available for some reason – how much of an impact would it have? Imagine no access to accounting records, client order information or suppliers invoices? It’s all possible and the reason why it’s important to have a business backup solution.

A Business Backup Solution is vital for all businesses

Why is it important to have a business backup solution?

As mentioned briefly above; business critical data or IT services may suddenly become unavailable. If that is the case; would you or your staff be able to perform their roles within the business effectively without this being available? It would be a brave person to answer ‘Yes’ to this question.

Also; trying to fool proof everything so an IT outage is unavoidable is not likely ever going to happen. Even Facebook (and it’s various apps) face outages!

How do I go about protecting my businesses properly?

With a business backup solution in place; it’s possible to get your business working as expected in little to no time (depending on what type of disaster recovery and business continuity policy that’s setup). While this type of thing can be done in-house; it’s usually best to have someone with vast knowledge and experience in backup and recovery.

The Test My Backups team has many years of experience working with a variety of businesses ensuring their data can be recovered in the event of an IT incident.

Which industries does Test My Backups cover?

We tend to view data as being data. It doesn’t really matter which particular industry you’re part of – we treat it all the same. However; we do have a range of clients from many different industries all over the world. A small example of the industries which we’ve helped include:

  1. Not for Profit organisations

  2. Professional Services (Accountants, Law Firms, Doctors)

  3. Building and Construction companies

  4. Marketing Agencies

Don’t hesitate today! Contact Test My Backups for a free consultation and find out how we can implement a business backup solution for you.

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