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Benefits of Managed Backup Services to SMB’s

Benefits of Managed Backup Services to SMB’s

Before we begin looking into the specific benefits of Managed Backup Services can provide to your business – let’s set the scene and ask ourselves a question:

What would happen if your business suffered any significant data loss?

With this in the back of our minds we’ll push into the benefits and why Backup Managed Services is right for your SMB.

We outline the benefits of Managed Backup Services to SMB's and how Test My Backups enhances these

Backup and Recovery is becoming quite a complex task

Over the last 15 years; there has been a shift in how data is handled and the consequences of data loss to a business.

With the expectation for any business to be 24/7 means that any slight data loss event could have major damaging outcomes on a business and brand reputation.

By outsourcing your backup and recovery requirements – you are acquiring the knowledge and expertise to cut through all the red tape around best practices, which technology to implement for best results. This essentially takes the complexities out of backup and recovery.

Increased output and productivity from employees

Depending on the complexities of your IT infrastructure; it’s not uncommon for monitoring; investigating and resolving problems related to backup and recovery could (and has done so in many instances) take hours.

This ties up businesses resources unnecessarily; which can have an impact on meeting deadlines for projects, focusing on their main role and also affect staff morale (as they’re performing tasks which may not necessarily be outlined in their position description).

Outsourcing removes any chance of internal resources being tied up unnecessarily.

Scalability and cost-effectiveness

Another benefit of Managed Backup Services is scalability and cost-effectiveness. The ability to move up or scale back at a moment’s notice provides great flexibility for SMB’s in all industries.

Managed Backup Services usually provide the service under a subscription model. Test My Backups is no different in this case. Our clients pay a monthly fee that’s predicable and affordable, while eliminating the need to assign these tasks to internal staff (as mentioned above).

It is often cheaper and convenient to outsource your backup and recovery needs to Test My Backups.

Who are Test My Backups and why should we trust our backups with you?

Test My Backups has two founding partners. Between them they’ve worked in IT for a combined 30 years – with 15 of those years working in upper areas of management for multiple backup vendors specifically focused on the SMB market.

Seeing everything from one or two backup solutions cornering the market; to the beginning and mass growth of the cloud (which is only going to continue growing). With this experience from the top down; our team has seen the good and the bad when it comes to backup practices implemented by SMB’s.

Focus on your businesses core function.

One of the reasons we began Test My Backups was due to the fact that a friend of one of our founders complained one day that they were having problems with getting their data backed up properly – which would be fine other than his core business is wedding videography.

Spending a large amount of time trying to figure out which backup solution to use; how to use it and constantly monitoring for problems meant that he wasn’t focused on capturing his client’s magical day properly!

Unless your core function is in the backup and disaster recovery space – you shouldn’t be wasting time configuring, maintaining and monitoring backups.

What makes Test My Backups a different kind of Backup Service Provider?

A lot of Backup Service Providers make their primary focus on providing a variety of IT services and hosting their client’s data. While this is successful; knowledge and availability can possibly become thin.

Our main focus is backup and recovery. It’s what we do well, and it’s the sole service we provide. We break down our offerings into different tiers so that you can be as involved or absent as you wish. If you still require an onsite backup strategy; then we can provide all the hardware required as well – something our competitors would expect to be provided before they begin.

On the flip side; if you want someone to come in and implement (and overhaul if needed) a backup and disaster recovery strategy from start to finish – then we’re able to (and experienced) do this as well.

Dedicated and experienced technicians – specifically assigned to your business

Many Backup Service Providers offer a 24/7 help desk for you to call should you require anything. However from experience; the first contact is general and may not know – or understand your business.

With our team; you’ll have the opportunity to have a dedicated technician assigned to your business who will be your first contact for anything related to your service.

Now that you have all this information – ask yourself again:

What would happen if your business suffered any significant data loss?

If you use Test My Backups; then your answer would be business as usual due to the benefits of Managed Backup Services.

Contact us for an obligation free chat on how the benefits of Managed Backup Services apply to your business.

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