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Benefits gained through Data De-duplication

Benefits gained through Data De-duplication

One of the big advances of storage technologies in the last decade is Data De-duplication (shortened to de-dupe). What we are going to focus on the benefits gained through De-duplication within backups for SMB and SME sized businesses.

Data De duplication

Russian Dolls are a good example of de-duplication. They’re all similar and save space by all being stored within the largest doll!

What is Data De-duplication?

Data De-duplication is a method of data compression that removes any redundant data to reduce the overall storage footprint of the data set. The overall goal is to have only one unique instance of any data located on the storage device at one time. Another name for de-duplication is Single Instance Store (SIS).

To put it in classical backup terminology – it’s very close to an incremental backup; which copies only the changed data since the previous backup had run. Below is a graphic which outlines how De-duplication works on a basic level:

data de-duplication

A basic outline of a data de-duplication example.

Data De-duplication vs data compression

While both De-duplication and data compression both have the same aim – reduce the size of the data at rest on the physical storage. However; to achieve this both use completely different techniques.

Data De-dupe looks for redundant data chunks and replaces them with a hard link (or pointer). Data compression uses algorithms to reduce the number of bits which a file uses on the storage medium.

Benefits of using Data De-duplication

  1. Reduce the overall footprint of the entire data set on the storage medium.

  2. Lower bandwidth usage and storage costs when using Data De-duplication in cloud.

  3. Able to store more backups, making longer data retention periods possible.

  4. Faster Recovery Time Objectives.

Need help with reducing the size of your backup footprint?

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