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Bare Metal Recovery Using NovaStor Business Essentials

Bare Metal Recovery Using NovaStor Business Essentials

The best way to get a failed server up and running again is by performing a bare metal recovery. It’s the easiest way to get out of a disaster scenario for a lot of businesses. This guide is based around performing a bare metal recovery using NovaStor Business Essentials 19.1.

Bare Metal Recovery Using NovaStor is a great way to get over the grind of a disaster!

Essential Requirements

To be able to perform the bare metal recovery – there’s a couple of things you’ll need on hand.

  1. Bootable disaster recovery CD, thumb drive or ISO created through NovaBACKUP.

  2. A full system image taken before the system failure. Ours is located on a locally connected USB hard drive in this guide.

Time to start your bare metal recovery using NovaStor!

Once you’ve got your boot media and backup available; you’ll need to boot into the disaster recovery environment.

1. When the recovery environment is fully booted, select ‘Restore’ from the left hand menu.

2. Click ‘Next’ on the Restore Introduction screen.


3. Browse to the location of your NovaBACKUP .ndf file that contains the backup to recover.

ndf file

4. On the Restore Summary screen, double check all the settings. If everything is fine, then click ‘Finish’ to begin the bare metal recovery.

The progress screen below is displayed when the restore is underway:


It took around 4 1/2 hours (270 minutes) to complete our full bare metal restore in this example. When presented with a Windows login screen – this means that the bare metal recovery was successful!

Unsure of your businesses backup capabilities?

Test My Backups has years of experience performing all types of backup and recoveries. We have used a variety of solutions and developed many relationships with backup vendors. Consequently; this means that we’re in a great position to be able to develop and maintain a backup and recovery strategy for your business!

If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share it on social media. Drop us a line in the comments below if it helped you in a live disaster scenario as well – we love to hear all about the success stories!

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