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Backups and Disaster Recovery Testing

Backups and Disaster Recovery Testing

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However; having a backup is only part of the story.

We’ve worked many years within the backup and recovery area of IT. One statement someone told me a long time ago still resonates:

‘If you can’t recover from your backup, it’s just an expensive paper weight.’

While it is simple and straight to the point, its truth can’t be denied. Businesses will spend large sums of money on their backup hardware and software – but lose focus on smaller, less significant details like DR planning and training for disaster recovery scenarios.

Unfortunately; many IT departments and business owners look at taking backups as a way to tick the box – we’ve got a backup because our report says backup verification was successful.

Yes, the process was successful – but does it actually do what you want it to? What if you wish to recover Exchange or SQL? The data may not be in the backup.

Working closely with many System Administrators and IT Service Providers over the years has highlighted the importance of regular recovery testing.


All backup software vendors stress the importance of testing backups. A couple of examples can be found by Datto and Carbonite.

There are additional benefits from testing backups regularly:

Education – you’re able to learn the recovery process when you really need to know it.

Finding any unexpected issues – external factors come into play during a recovery. It’s better to know these and act upon them before a disaster scenario – when the pressure is off.

Validating your backup – confirming one of your backups can be recovered from.

Unfortunately; in most cases tests aren’t performed at all. The reasons for this are numerous; but generally come down to similar factors:

  1. Time poor

  2. Lack of resources/environments to test on.

Don’t just rely on your backup reports saying you’re backups are good. The team at TestMyBackups has over 20 years of experience in IT and 15 years specifically in the backup and recovery space. Along with this – we have the necessary resources, and time to perform regular test recoveries with your backups and provide a detailed report outlining everything.

Let us provide you peace of mind and the ability to focus on your core business; rather than stressing on if you’ll be fine if something goes horribly wrong. Contact our team for more details by e-mailing sales@testmybackups.com or by visiting https://testmybackups.com/recovery-testing/.

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